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Dec 20 2015
by Elaina Berkowitz

15 Freshmen Share Their Favorite Part of the First Semester

By Elaina Berkowitz - Dec 20 2015

Erika Lipinski | Syracuse University

“My favorite part of my first semester freshman year was going to Killington ,VT the weekend before finals with the ski team. I really got to know the team a lot better and had so much fun.”

Kara Rhodes | Lafayette College

“My favorite part of my first semester was the first weekend here. I sprained my ankle during an intense game of dorm tag, yes... dorm tag, and my roomie had to help me shower. I had a bathing suit on and flipped my trashcan upside down to use as a stool. But after a few minutes, it caved in and I slid off... She cracked up and I was half crying half laughing. Then when she tried to carry me back to the room she hit my hip on the door and dropped me. We both cracked up again. It's a memory that will definitely never be forgotten!”

Jasmine Lavasani | Ursinus College

“My favorite part was when my friend and I stayed up all night studying in the hall. We got loopy after 3 am and decided to go to Wawa. We came back and got little to no work done. We skipped our first class the next day.”

Nora Keefe | Syracuse University

“My favorite college memory was when we went out to dinner for my friend’s birthday. We went off campus to eat a real dinner and spent the time exchanging funny stories and playing two truths and a lie.”

Sam Singer | Syracuse University

“Going to the first basketball game at Syracuse with friends”

Bridget Kilczewski | Millersville University

“My favorite parts of my first semester were meeting some of my best friends and making new memories together. Also, joining the cheer team has become a big part of my life and homecoming was one of my favorite days because I loved all the school spirit everyone had!”

Meghan O’Brien | Syracuse University

“My favorite part of my first semester was being able to join a dance company that quickly became my college family and perform on stage alongside these new best friends of mine.”

Donna Intintolo | University of Central Florida

“My favorite part of the first semester of college was meeting all of my new friends who I now have memories with that I'll never forget.”

Sarah Suh | Penn State

“Meeting new people and joining a THON committee!”

Annie Kelly | Syracuse University

“One night, my friends and I were really bored, so we decided to rearrange my friend’s room. We spent  an hour un-raising her bed, moving her bed and desk, and then re-raising her bed. It ended up being so much harder than we expected, but so much more fun because we were all laughing about everything.”

Nick Bresser | Drexel University

“Living with and seeing my friends every day”

Corinne Driban | Syracuse University

“I really liked doing new things, being in a new environment and making new best friends. I loved going on adventures with them”

Ehlin Hansen | Syracuse University

“I would say my first night hanging out with somebody I knew I was going to be friends with and just knowing I had arrived all the way felt great.”

Michelle Perel | Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“My favorite time was when I stayed up late hanging out with friends then slept over my friend’s dorm. We spent the next day watching random movies on Netflix and eating Dominos.”

Valerie Powell | Syracuse University

“My favorite memory was on my first day at college. My roommate and I were walking around exploring the campus and this random girl came up to us and asked if we were freshmen and if she can tag along. She became one of my best friends at college.”

Lead Image Credit: Elaina Berkowitz

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Elaina Berkowitz - Syracuse University

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