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Feb 08 2016
by Elaina Berkowitz

The 10 Stages of Sorority Recruitment

By Elaina Berkowitz - Feb 08 2016

Trying to explain sorority recruitment to someone who has not experienced it is nearly impossible. It's a crazy, rewarding, exhausting, and exciting process. Everyone that goes through it together has an instant bond because we all experience these 10 stages. 

1. Walking to your first house of round one.


It basically consists of you trying to convey this. 

2. Experiencing the chapters' songs and chants for the first time.


When all the chapters scream their lungs out and chant their songs to pump up potential new members, it's both terrifying and exciting. In all seriousness, usually it’s hard not to dance. 

3. Having to run across campus so you're not late to a house.


Been there. Done that. Getting across campus in 10 minutes is easier said than done. 

4. 10 hours and 12 houses later...


Everyone tells you recruitment will be very “exhausting.” It’s not until you’ve been making small talk for 10 hours that you realize how truly emotionally and physically exhausting it really is. 

5. Waking up for round 2.


Getting ready for round 1 is all sunshine and butterflies because you’re excited to experience recruitment. Waking up for round 2 after hours of socializing the day before is arguably the hardest thing ever.

6. When you have a great conversation with a girl at a chapter.


This is possibly one of the best feelings in the world. After hours of talking to all different kinds of girls, it’s very exciting to meet someone that you are very similar to and have a great conversation with. Additionally, it can make you fall in love with a house which is an amazing feeling that everyone hopes for. 

7. Participating in all the rituals during preference round.


Each chapter’s ritual that all the current and potential members participate in is usually confusing and half the time you aren’t really sure what’s going on.

8. Trying to think back to rank all of your options.


After days of small talk and hours of meeting tons of girls, it's stressful and confusing to recall what you liked about each house and make a decision. 

9. Waiting to get your bid.


Arguably the most agonizing 10 minutes ever is waiting to open your bid.

10. Meeting your sisters for the first time.


After you get a bid and run to a house, it seems that you have a natural bond with all the girls in your new house… and it shows. From stress, to worry, to exhaustion, sorority recruitment ends with a feeling of excitement that will last for the next 4 years.

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Elaina Berkowitz - Syracuse University

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