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Aug 15 2016
by Eesha Kodi

The 7 Stages of Packing For College

By Eesha Kodi - Aug 15 2016
As the time gets closer for incoming freshmen to start a new chapter of their lives, the time also gets closer for these students to start packing up their lives. These seven stages of packing for college have most likely been experienced by all college students, whether they've started packing or not.

1. Procrastination  


Okay, let's face it. You still have three weeks left until you move in and summer's not officially over! Your parents have most likely told you that you need to start packing so you won't be overwhelmed with too many things once college starts soon. But you wave it off anyways because you know you can finish everything really quickly. The sun is still bright outside, so why are you fretting about packing now? 

2. Room Cleaning


You're finally getting around to cleaning the summer mess that your room probably is, however, packing is still the last thing on your mind. It's finally time to get rid of those high school tests, notes, binders, books and any other insignificant trash that is in your room. Room cleaning is also a time to clear out the plastic water bottles that mysteriously gather over the years without your mom noticing. It feels like a cleanse for some reason, without the burning of whatever bad memories or trash you might have had. After a thorough cleaning, you're probably realizing that you have a TON of space in your room that you could have utilized better. Oh well, at least it's better for a storage space now. Bonus points if you recycle old items including those clothes, books and toys that somehow filled up your room.

3. Memory Treasuring


During all of that arduous cleaning out your room, you've stumbled upon old mementos that take you down memory lane. These obviously include old pictures of you and your friends, birthday cards and gifts, stuffed toys (that you might end up taking to university because you can't stand to part with them), hidden secret notes, diaries and old letters. Take the time to remember your younger years and realize how quickly time passes by. 

4. Actual Packing


You have ONE WEEK LEFT AND YOU HAVE BARELY STARTED PACKING. This is the high point of packing struggles where you've finally decided what to take and what not to take. It's now the time to figure out how to fit everything into boxes and put it into your car if you're driving to university, or figure out how to fit everything into 50 pound suitcases (preferably one, because even carrying suitcases cost money now). Figure out if you really need six swimsuits, ten jackets, ten pairs of jeans, fifteen pairs of shoes and all of your accessories during the fall semester. You're trying to discover whether if it would be cheaper to just buy supplies in your hometown or wait until university to scope the department stores. Prioritize, plan and pack - that's the only advice a fellow freshman will give to you guys. 

5. Last Minute Panicking 


THERE ARE TWO DAYS BEFORE YOU HAVE TO LEAVE AND YOU HAVE BARELY FINISHED PACKING AND YOU ARE NOW FREAKING OUT AND POSSIBLY BAWLING BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO LEAVE ANYTHING BEHIND. Breathe fellow freshmen, breathe. You can do this. Packing up your life away is very hard but once you get along (and possibly get everyone you know to help), it will be done. Of course panicking will be customary, but why wouldn't it? You're starting a whole new chapter very soon, and you won't be able to start it without your lucky poster and favorite sweater. 

6. Saying Goodbye To Your Bedroom


It's officially "Leaving For College Day" and you've finally finished packing after staying up all night to make sure everything's put away and taped up. It's time to say goodbye to your bedroom and the high school chapter. It's weird to see your bedroom so bare and lifeless, as if it's just there, without the craziness of your high school self. You're probably glad to be leaving, but some part of you wishes that you can sleep in your own bedroom one last time. If you have younger siblings, give them a fair warning about trespassing (or just lock up your room if it's serious), but don't expect them to listen. They'll miss you too and your bedroom will make things a little easier for them as well. 

7. Getting Your Parents To Mail You Things


You are definitely going to start packing earlier the next time around because by the time you've officially reached your new residence and have started to settle down, you realize you're missing some very important things. Butter up to your parents so that they'll mail you everything that you honestly forgot to pack. Thank whoever invented courier and all the beautiful mailing services that exist. 

All of you freshmen may have either gone through one or even all of these stages. However, it might be best to avoid the major panic attacks and expensive mailing by planning early enough to decide what to take and what not to take to college. The only thing you can count on is that the actual packing itself, will always be a struggle. 

Happy packing to those who are still waiting for college to start! 

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Eesha Kodi - McGill University

Eesha is a freshman at McGill University who plans to major in Microbiology and Immunology. You can find Eesha usually watching Netflix, eating sushi, or exploring Montreal. Keep up with Eesha and her sarcastic #relatable comments on her instagram and twitter handles: @thisiseesha

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