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Jul 04 2016
by Eesha Kodi

7 Ways To Have Fun With Your Long-Distance Friends This Summer

By Eesha Kodi - Jul 04 2016
To all the new high school graduates: congrats! You're finally done and ready to have one of the best, care-free summers of your lives. Most of you have plans with your high school friends, whether it be traveling together, being camp counsellors (or campers!) or sticking in the same city and doing as much as possible together before the first of you head off for university in August or September. If you're going to have a long distance with your high school friends this summer, don't fret! Here are seven ways you all can still have the best #Summer2016 before you all head off for college.

1. Make summer bucket lists for each other.


Every year, me and my friends make summer bucket lists specific to what we're going to do during the summer. Making it into a competition allowed us to have fun with each other and ourselves instead of dwelling on the fact that we're apart during the long three months. To make it simple, we had ten things that we wanted the other person to do: two easy, three medium, three hard and two embarrassingly difficult. Not only did it give us things to talk about when we got the chance to message each other, but it also made our summers increasingly interesting and ones worth to remember. 

2. Have routine skype calls every so often. 

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Let's face it; Skype, FaceTime, Oovoo and countless other video messaging services have become so commonplace that you might not even exist without it anymore. It's summer, and you know you'll miss your friends faces and voices. Not only will it give you practice for your skype sessions during your freshman year, but you'll also get to feel like they're right next to you when you have to talk about your recent summer adventure. 

3. Get cool decor for the other's dorm.


Getting souvenirs doesn't have to be expensive at all. With all of your friends moving into dorms in the coming year,  this is the best opportunity to get something worth remembering (and keeping in their dorm/apartment). This can be anything from small DIY signs and frames to things you find in that really cool flea market or vintage store that you passed by. Not only does it give you something to actually do for the summer, but by the end of it, your whole gang will have loads of stuff that will help you all remember and keep in touch in the year coming up. 

4. Do things that will make your friends excited (or jealous).

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We all know that summers are the perfect time to achieve that instagram aesthetic that you want by trying new foods, seeing new places and practicing your photography skills. No matter where you end up during the summer, use the opportunity to do something that your friends would gape at. Go out and have your adventure! Do something crazy (possibly not illegal so you won't end up at the police station) and live up your summer. 

5. Plan out a farewell bash before the first of your group leaves for school.

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Hopefully by the time vacation time ends, no one in your friend group will leave for college yet. Take time with your friends to plan a farewell party! Figure out when the first person will have to leave for university and plan it before then. Do things that you guys will remember during the first term of college, take loads of pictures that you can print and stick up in your dorms so that you guys can show off your amazing friends. This summer is the last summer that you'll all definitely be with each other because in the coming years, everyone's going to be busy with internships or extra classes or other commitments. Make the best of it with your high school gang. 

6. Get ready for college.

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Senior summer is filled with lasts and firsts. One first will include getting ready for college life. Get a small head start on packing so that you won't have a freak out 24 hours before you have to get on the road. It's also a great time to mentally prepare yourself for a completely new experience. If your university is having an orientation during the summer, go and make some friends! Not only will it help you get accustomed to your college, but you'll also get a chance to remember some faces and not be as totally scared during your first day. 

7. Enjoy yourself unapologetically.

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This is your last summer as a high school student, as a somewhat still kid-like adolescent. Whether you're working this summer, travelling with family, doing camp, staying home or actually hanging out with all of your friends, make the most of this summer! It doesn't matter what, where or how you're spending this summer. If you can turn things around and find the positive in any situation, you'll still be able to have fun! So get out there, talk to someone new, explore somewhere different, play like you're a seven year old again. Make your senior summer one to remember! 

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Eesha Kodi - McGill University

Eesha is a freshman at McGill University who plans to major in Microbiology and Immunology. You can find Eesha usually watching Netflix, eating sushi, or exploring Montreal. Keep up with Eesha and her sarcastic #relatable comments on her instagram and twitter handles: @thisiseesha

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