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Jul 24 2016
by E'Stevan Ashe

The 6 Biggest Blunders of The Republican National Convention

By E'Stevan Ashe - Jul 24 2016

Many of us have a guilty pleasure of watching reality shows just for the sheer joy of ignorance and laughter. One of the last places you expect to see those two things is at a convention full of some of the most powerful people in our country, unfortunately, that is exactly what took place over the four days of the Republican National Convention. Those tears of laughter quickly became tears of sadness as I realized that this indeed is REAL LIFE that I am watching. Here are the biggest blunders from the RNC.

1. Republicans Really Want Hillary Clinton In Prison

I guess the FBI not pressing charges was not enough for Republicans, so they took "justice" into their own hands.

2. Sexism Was On Full Display

Welcome to America.

3. So Was Racism

Yes, this is real life.

4. #PlagarismGate

We've all seen by now that Melania Trump plagiarized a passage of Michelle Obama's speech from 2008, but apparently, it was okay because she didn't "invent" the English language.

5. Ted Cruz Trolling The Entire Convention

Ted Cruz may have had the most WTF moment of the convention. As he decided not to endorse Donald Trump, this was easily the most hilarious moment of the four days.

6. Donald Trump's Attempt To Kiss Mike Pence


Lead Image: GOP via Twitter

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E'Stevan Ashe - Georgia State University

E'Stevan Ashe will attend Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia beginning in August 2016. He is pursuing a dual degree in film and journalism while minoring in political science.

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