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Jul 24 2016
by E'Stevan Ashe

HBCU Presidents To Hold Symposium On Gun Violence

By E'Stevan Ashe - Jul 24 2016
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34 Presidents from Historically Black Colleges and Universities agreed on Wednesday to organize a symposium on gun violence in America, according to The Chronicle.

This symposium would be the first of its kind. They decided on this meeting after the “debilitating impact” of recent events. The President's announced that this meeting would be open to any and all Americans. 

They hope to shape America into a perfect union where all lives are valued equally. The president's released this letter in hopes of garnering more attention.

"We know that none of these activities will bring back the lives that have been lost. Our hope, however, is that these efforts will foster dialogues that help to accelerate the creation of an environment where all human lives are valued equally and discrimination based on one’s skin color, gender, and economic standing will become a relic of the past." said the Presidents, via their letter 

The presidents said their institutions had long occupied a “special place” in the nation’s history and “were the birthplace of the idea that black lives matter to our country.”

Congrats to them for stepping up and making a difference when they feel that we need it the most.

Lead Image: YMCA Black College Tour via Flickr

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E'Stevan Ashe - Georgia State University

E'Stevan Ashe will attend Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia beginning in August 2016. He is pursuing a dual degree in film and journalism while minoring in political science.

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