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Jul 27 2016
by E'Stevan Ashe

Democratic National Convention Speakers You Should Know

By E'Stevan Ashe - Jul 27 2016

Throughout the four days of the Democratic National Convention, there are many well-known celebrities and politicians speaking such as Demi Lovato and President Obama. Although we can't wait to hear what they have to say, there are also much lesser known people set to speak over the next few days at the convention, regular people who have extraordinarily, inspiring stories to share.

Astrid Silva

Astrid Silva is an undocumented immigrant who crossed the Mexican border into the United States when she was four years old with nothing but the clothes on her back and a Ken doll. Now she is 28 and is considered one of the new faces of Democratic leadership in the country. Silva is the true definition of a dreamer! She didn't even know she was undocumented until she started approaching adulthood. During college, she was afraid to attend political rallies fearing that her lack of identification would deny her the ability to participate. She is choosing to support Hillary Clinton due to Donald Trump's constant promises to build a wall and attempt to deport over 11 million undocumented people living in America. 

Jensen Walcott and Jake Reed

Jensen Walcott came to national prominence when she asked the manager of a local pizza shop where she worked could she be paid twenty-five cents more which would have been the same as her friend Jake Reed. Not only was her request denied, but she was subsequently fired. This was noticed by Hillary Clinton who then sent out a tweet about the incident, and sent both of them invitations to the DNC and an opportunity to speak.

Karla and Francisca Ortiz

At a Hillary Clinton event in Las Vegas, 10-year-old Karla Ortiz started to cry as she told Clinton that she was scared her parents were going to get deported. Clinton then hugged her and said, “I am going to do everything I can so you don’t have to be scared.” Karla Ortiz, who is an American citizen, lives in fear that her undocumented immigrant parents, including her mother Francisca, will be deported. The pair has a prime-time slot at the DNC on Monday to talk about their experience with immigration.

Anastasia Somoza

Anastasia Somoza, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and spastic quadriplegia along with her twin sister at birth first met Hillary and Bill Clinton in 1993 at Children's Town Hall. Since then she has become an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities, and has worked all across the world. She interned for Hillary while she was a U.S. senator and worked on her 2000 senatorial campaign. Somoza also supports the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action that plans to halt the abandonment of babies in China born with disabilities.

We can't wait to see what they all have to say!

Lead Image: The Democratic Party via Twitter

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E'Stevan Ashe - Georgia State University

E'Stevan Ashe will attend Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia beginning in August 2016. He is pursuing a dual degree in film and journalism while minoring in political science.

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