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Jun 08 2016
by E'Stevan Ashe

5 Ways You Can Put Yourself Out There In College

By E'Stevan Ashe - Jun 08 2016

If any of you were like me during high school you may regret some things you didn't take part in, such as not playing that sport you would have been perfect for. You may even regret things you actually did these past four years, for example, staying up binge-watching your favorite Netflix series instead of studying for that economics test. Thankfully, now is not the time to dwell on the past! You are now closing a chapter of your life for an even bigger, more exciting chapter. Once you step foot on your college campus you are given the opportunity to nearly hit a reset button on life. These next four years are perfect for you to be the best you possible by putting yourself out there in college! Here's how...

1. Join The Weirdest Club Possible 

Whether it's the Squirrel club at the University of Michigan or the Humans vs. Zombies club at Goucher College, you are bound to find a club at your college that is just plain weird. Sure that business club may be great for your major but joining a weird club ensures two outcomes: you will be extremely creeped out and just have a great time. Who knows, you may meet your future best friend when you join this club. How can you go wrong?

2. Take A Course Just For Fun

College will most likely be the most stressful point of our lives at this point, so between taking those difficult labs and boring lectures how about taking a course just for your own pure enjoyment? If your passion is Beyonce (yes there is a Beyonce course offered at Rutgers) or astronomy I'm sure you will find a course on your campus that is just right for you. No matter how goal-oriented you are it will not hurt you to take a class where you can completely nerd-out and explore your interests, and this may be the only class you don't have to force yourself out of bed for.

3. Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Some of us may have been very shy during high school. It may have prevented us from certain opportunities such as asking your crush out. College is the perfect place to become more outgoing and you will basically have to break out of your shyness. You may very well have to speak to a new person each and every day while in college and might be on a campus where you don't know anyone besides your roommates. These next years will be the best time to reintroduce the new more outgoing you to to the world!

4. Exchange An Old Habit For A New One

During high school, many of us probably picked up a few bad habits along the way that we find hard to break. Instead of trying to drop those old habits cold turkey how about attempting to exchange them for new habits? With those countless hours spent playing NBA 2k while you could have been studying, it's probably unrealistic to believe we will stop playing video games. After playing a game you could try using the same amount of time studying for that test or finishing that paper.

5. Engage In A New Environment

Most of us were in a high school environment where everyone was similar to you, that will change the second you step foot on campus. You will literally see people from all walks of life In high school, you probably hung out with your certain group of friends and all enjoyed the same interests. Your best friend in college may be someone who is the complete opposite of you. If you see a group of people playing a sport that seems fun don't be afraid to join them – no matter how different someone in college may appear to be, you all share a common goal and that is to become college graduates. So don't fear challenging yourself to try new things in college.

College is going to be an exciting point in our lives. You have the opportunity to reinvent yourself these next four years, so don't be afraid to watch yourself change in the future – it's for the better!

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E'Stevan Ashe - Georgia State University

E'Stevan Ashe will attend Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia beginning in August 2016. He is pursuing a dual degree in film and journalism while minoring in political science.

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