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Jul 24 2016
by E'Stevan Ashe

42% Of UC Students Report Going Hungry

By E'Stevan Ashe - Jul 24 2016

As incoming college freshmen, many of us have heard the struggles of ramen noodles every day, but for University of California students, they soon will have an expansive dining hall menu.

According to USA Today, UC is chipping in $3.3 million for students to have more nutritious dining options. The school reports 42% of students going hungry because of a lack of resources, which is a scarily high number. Each campus will receive $151,000 in funding,  according to a UC press release

Many students state that they just don't have the time to prepare meals because of classes and exams. The school hopes that this funding will also make students more likely to choose food choices that are good for them instead of fast food restaurants. The school will also work with CalFresh, who gives students benefits to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from local markets. 

This is a great example of how school's cares about a student's well-being inside and outside of the classroom. Hopefully, more institutions will follow University of California's lead and provide nutritional dining options to more and more students who may be at a disadvantage.

Lead Image: Cereal dispensers in the UC Davis dining hall; Sonny Abesamis via Flickr Commons

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E'Stevan Ashe - Georgia State University

E'Stevan Ashe will attend Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia beginning in August 2016. He is pursuing a dual degree in film and journalism while minoring in political science.

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