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Jun 16 2017
by Dylan Hicks

Why Senior Year Is the Best (and Worst) Year

By Dylan Hicks - Jun 16 2017

It’s finally here, senior year. Being painted as picture perfect by unrealistic made-for-TV movies, it’s hard to not have high expectations for the year. While it is the greatest year of your youth, it is also the worst. 

The Bad

1. The ACTs/SATs

The importance of a high ACT or SAT score is essential to getting decent scholarships and being admitted into college, which is why taking these tests is super stressful. The expensive fee to take the test over and over again also cuts into money you could be saving for college. 

2. Leaving behind underclassman friends.

One of the worst things we experience as a junior is watching our senior friends leave for college and not being around, and as a senior we unfortunately have to commit this tragic act to our junior friends.

3. Senioritis

Starting around late January to early February, everything you do in school starts to feel almost in slow motion, the days get longer and you just want to be anywhere besides first period trigonometry. These are the symptoms of senioritis and every senior catches it. 

4. Applying to colleges and waiting.

Paying for applications and stressing over writing the perfect entrance exam can make applying to colleges a hectic experience. Once you apply, then you have to wait sometimes months, which is even more stress.

5. High school dress code.

With a serious case of senioritis, the last thing you want to wear are actual pants, which is where sweatpants come in. But unfortunately, many schools don’t allow you to stroll in at eight a.m. in comfort clothes, which is tragic.

The Good 

1. Seniority

Whether it’s getting to cut the line at lunch or having the prime location for your locker, or even the best parking spots in the lot, being a senior has its perks. It’s the little things that you have looked forward to having for years that really make senior year great.

2. Senior Prom

From getting all glammed up to going out on the town and dancing your heart out all night long with your best friends, senior prom is the best night all year. Plus, getting a souvenir glass or t-shirt is always nice.

3. Getting accepted into college.

Checking the mail every day for a month just to see if your acceptance letter has arrived is a level of anticipation unlike no other. It’s also a-okay if you don’t get into your dream school, as long as you make sure to apply to backups.

4. Cheering on the team one last time.

While your future college may have a big time sports team with thousands of fans, nothing beats attending your school's games. Watching friends succeed and dominate the court or field is super rewarding and gives you more school pride than ever.

5. Spending quality time with friends.

High school is the time when you make some of the closest connections in life, and it’s hard going off to college and disconnecting with friends. Making sure to make memories and spend as much time with friends is vital to senior year. 

Once out of high school, it’s hard not to miss the highlights of being in high school, but it’s also hard to not miss the simple things that you used to think were the end of the world.

Lead Image Credit: Baim Hanif via Unsplash 

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Dylan Hicks - Hendrix College

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