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Jul 24 2017
by Dylan Hicks

If College Classes Were Taught by the Office Cast

By Dylan Hicks - Jul 24 2017

Everyone loves The Office, with its classic humor and memorable moments. But what would it be like having the iconic characters as college professors? It's exactly what would you would expect.

1. "Self Defense / Beet Farming for the Soul" Taught by Dwight Schrute

Professor Schrute's course would consist of basic self defense that would allow you to defend yourself from everything from a small child all the way up to a full grown bear. In the spring you would get the chance to witness the birth of a beet and learn how to prepare several beet dishes that are sacred in the Schrute family.

2. "Business and Bitchery: The Kelly Kapoor Experience" Taught by Kelly Kapoor

Professors Kapoor's class will teach you how to get what you want, even if that means lying. You'll learn how to fake cry, fake pregnancies, fake having significant others and fake having a proper degree in business. 

3. "Sensational Sales" Taught By Jim and Pam Halpert

Jim and Pam are the cool professors on campus; you don't even need to call them "professor." They not only share their sales expertise with you, but also many other important skills such as the best pranks, some arts and crafts and how to get out of the friend zone. 

4. "Somehow I Manage: Management by Sir Michael Scott" Taught by Michael Scott

Michael thinks being a professor somehow makes him British, so he talks in a Boston accent and has everyone address him as Sir Michael Scott. Michael's class consists of everything but management, from DIY movie making to discussing the uprising of China. Overall it's a great blow off class, as everyone gets an A for participation.

5. "Creed's Class of Constructive Clearning" Taught by Creed Bratton 

Creed, who simply goes by Creed, teaches a class about a manner of different things, but they all have to start with the letter C. For instance, you may learn about cults, cartwheels, 'cuba diving' and cheese. 

6. "So You Think You Can Startup?" Taught By Ryan Howard

Ryan's class would be a Shark Tank style show where students have to pitch startups, and the best one wins. The winning startup would obviously be taken over by Ryan and run into the ground.

7. "Keeping Tame In The Untamed Century" Taught By Angela Martin

Mother Angela's (as Professor Angela sounds too witchy) course teaches you the importance of being tame. This includes wearing American girl doll clothes, refraining from anything rated PG-13 and up and admiring the purity of cats.

8. "Betting Against The Odds" Taught By Kevin Malone

Professor Malone's class will teach you the odds of betting and how to overcome the impossible. Stick along long enough in this class and you'll get to try some of Kevin's famous chili.

9. "Sailing & Singing" Taught By Andy Bernard

The class title pretty much sums this course up. You simply just learn to sing and how to sail. 

10. "HR in the Modern Workplace" Taught By Toby Flenderson

Don't take this class ever. For the love of god, take anything else.

While the courses offered may be a little odd, I'm sure you're bound to learn an abundance of life lessons and real world practical applications for the workforce.

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Dylan Hicks - Hendrix College

Hi I'm Dylan! I attend Hendrix College with a focus to major in Film. When I'm not binging Netflix you can find me filming shorts or eating chex mix. Follow me on twitter and instagram @dylanjhicks

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