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Jun 01 2017
by Dylan Hicks

10 Under The Radar Bands to Listen to While Studying

By Dylan Hicks - Jun 01 2017

In a study conducted by Stanford University, researchers found that listening to music while studying stimulates the area of your brain that involves paying attention and memory retention. While you could listen to the top 40 hours deep into cramming for a test, you should be listening to some under that radar bands that’ll boost your music junkie cred.

1. Knox Hamilton 

Knox Hamilton via Facebook

With a nod from Katy Perry for their (slightly) scary music video of people getting shrink wrapped, to a hot recent debut album, Knox Hamilton is the definition of indie pop rock. With retro influences to melodic synth grooves, every song will make you want to take a road trip and get your heart broken in the best possible way.

Listen to Knox Hamilton on Spotify.

2. LANY 


With three wildly popular EPs and a debut album coming out in June, LANY is about to make waves in the pop scene. Front man Paul Klein describes their sound as "modern '80s prom pop" which is spot on. LANY blends alt-rock and heavy synth to create the perfect indie dream pop vibe that makes you want to hang on the beach and dance.

Listen to LANY on Spotify.

3. Bleachers


Bleachers is the side project of Fun. lead guitarist Jack Antonoff and is some of the most raw and passionate music out there. Antonoff crafts a unique sound by blending elements of '80s and '90s pop to reflect his deeply personal lyrics. With a sophomore album coming in June, Bleachers is definitely an artist to add to your playlist. 

Listen to Bleachers on Spotify.

4. Børns

Nick Walker 

Børns is the psychedelic androgynous Gucci-wearing king you never knew you needed in your life. With a vocal range like no other and perfect blends of dreamy rock grooves and trippy synths, Børns is the perfect artist to just vibe to anytime. 

Listen to Børns on Spotify.

5. The Strumbellas

Euphoria Magazine

Hailing from the land of Canada, The Strumbellas are a genre bending band who blend indie rock with alternative country, a style they self-describe as "gothic folk". They achieve this unique sound perfectly and match it with just as catchy lyrics. The Strumbellas are perfect to listen to when you just need something different and totally new. 

Listen to The Strumbellas on Spotify.

6. Joan


With only one debut single release that has garnered over 300,000 Spotify plays, it's safe to say Joan has captured the heart of the indie pop scene. Joan perfectly captures quintessential '80s glam pop in such a way that'll make you scream and dance to every word. With more music releasing soon, Joan is the perfect artist to keep on your radar.

Listen to Joan on Spotify.

7. Wet


Wet is best described as breakup pop in it's best form. Wet crafts R&B and dream pop to create a perfect blend of indie pop best played at a moody house party. While the brooding and honest lyrics of Wet are gems to those in relationship trouble, they're also equally perfect to sing along to and dance to.

Listen to Wet on Spotify



With a hot debut album out, COIN is taking the indie pop scene by storm. COIN takes all the best elements of synth and rock pop and masterfully crafts choruses that are catchy as all else. COIN is the perfect band to just jam out to at all times. 

Listen to COIN on Spotify.

9. Colony House


Originating from the music heavy city of Nashville, Colony House plays tribute to its southern routes while maintaining the perfect indie rock aesthetic. Colony House is the perfect band to dance to with its skillfully crafted and powerful guitar riffs and catchy hooks. 

Listen to Colony House on Spotify.


i-D Magazine

The alternative pop band TRANSVIOLENT is steadily on the rise after gaining praise from superstars Lorde and Harry Styles. With an EP that glimmers with moody synth and edgy tones, TRANSVIOLENT is a pop band that wants to change the form and factor of the repetitive pop scene.

Listen to TRANSVIOLENT on Spotify.

Next time you have to study, feel free to listen to all of theses bands, and in the future you can say you knew them before they were mainstream. 

Lead Image Credit: Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash 

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