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Oct 25 2017
by Dorine Tirogene

This Teen's Boyfriend Took Her on the Sweetest Date

By Dorine Tirogene - Oct 25 2017

Alani, a high school senior who always had a passion for crime investigations, had the chance to get an experience of the crime scene investigation life thanks to her wonderful boyfriend. 

"I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year and he knows all I talk about is crime investigations and how I'm obsessed with cases. Sfor my birthday he surprised me by taking me to CSI: The Experience at MGM GRAND in Vegas," she said. "Once we got there I was very excited because that was something I've always wanted a chance to do. We were both given two separate cases. Each case start[ed] out with looking at the crime scene and taking down notes on anything suspicious. Once we were done looking, we went through several stations to look at fingerprints, shoe prints, DNA findings, etc. Once we went through the stations, we looked at the 'autopsy' and determined the cause of death. These cases are also fake btw! ...and that's pretty much it, we went to dinner and ended to night playing card games."

People on Twitter were loving this date; many expressing this as "goals" and how there is still love out there.


As we can see young love is growing sweet as ever.

Lead Credit Image: @alani_kaii via twitter

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Dorine Tirogene -

Dorine is an English Major at Florida Atlantic University . She enjoys writing, music and films. Follow her on Twitter @D0rine_

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