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Jan 15 2018
by Dorine Tirogene

This High School Student's Last-Minute Poem About Popeye's $5 Box Is Being Published in A Poetry Anthology

By Dorine Tirogene - Jan 15 2018

Many of you have experienced missing one day of class and then the next day you came back you heard there was an assignment due. Well, this is exactly what happened to Wisdom Hill, a junior in high school from South Field, Michigan. She missed a day of school and the next day she came back, she heard that her teacher had assigned the students to write a poem.

Her teacher gave her an extra day to get it done, but since she didn't really have time to make something heartfelt she decided to make it about Popeye's $5 box. She told Fresh U," I wasn’t really looking to actually win the writing contest, I just wanted the points for the assignment because she gave me a zero at first." Wisdom successfully turned in the poem the next day on the date that it was due back in October.

Last week she received a surprising letter that states that she was going to get published in a book full of other poems.

Wisdom stated that she was really surprised about the letter, "Because I literally made my poem about chicken, I didn’t really think that was publishing worthy." She didn't think her poem was worthy of being published so she posted her poem on Twitter and Snapchat looking for feedback, and she received wonderful comments about her poems.

Hill's tweet received 28,000 retweets and 100,000 likes,  and Twitter users went on to congratulate her for her poem.

Turns out her last-minute assignment really worked out in her favor.

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Dorine is an English Major at Florida Atlantic University . She enjoys writing, music and films. Follow her on Twitter @D0rine_

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