During Halloween, it's all about trick or treating, eating candy until you're full, dressing up in your favorite costumes and carving faces into pumpkins. Jordan Allen, a student at the University of Northern Iowa, took to Twitter to show off a sweet message she painted onto her pumpkin to ask out her friend, who is now her girlfriend.

Fresh U had the chance to talk to her about her viral tweet. We asked her if she planned this out.

 "I had planned on getting us pumpkins and she bought us Chinese food, and I knew I wanted to be with her so I painted the pumpkin for her and asked," Allen said. 

Everyone on Twitter thought this idea was so adorable.

Allen said she "wasn't expecting it [the tweet] to go viral, I just wanted to show my friends on Twitter that I was in a relationship and finally happy again." 

She also added that around this time last year she had cancer and fell out of a relationship, so this her first time being in a visible relationship in which she is not afraid to hide herself and her sexuality.

Halloween is more than trick-or-treating, especially in college. This student takes pumpkin-decorating to the next level and shows one unique way to celebrate Halloween with the ones you care about.

Lead Credit Image: @Joallen_ via twitter