Heydan Athieh, 17 years old and a senior at Royal Palm Beach High school, decided to bring her artistic skills to Snapchat when her little brothers would continuously crawl into her bed because they're having nightmares.

She told Fresh U that "I decided to draw my little brothers on Snapchat because I noticed how many times they would crawl in my bed to sleep with me due to nightmares or any fears. I took the opportunity to get creative and let them wake up to seeing themselves transformed into things they love." 

With 2,915 retweets and 11,000 likes,  I asked her if she expected to go viral, and she said that she had no idea that she would go viral but she appreciates everything.

People on twitter were praising her for her initiative. 

This high school student prove that you can create artistic work of art just with Snapchat drawing tools.

Lead credit image @heyyydannn via twitter