On Monday, a host of racially charged posters were found on the campus of the University of Michigan. According to the Washington Post, these racially offensive fliers caused immediate outrage after students shared images of these posters on social media. 

These posters all had extreme messages that appealed to white superiority. One poster was titled, "Why White Women Shouldn't Date Black Men." It included racist suggestions that black men are more likely to abuse women and have STDs. Another poster told Euro-Americans to "stop apologizing" and "denying your heritage."

The fliers were discovered in Haven and Mason Halls, two connected academic buildings on Michigan's campus. 

These posters were signed by Alt-right, a conservative movement that is widely recognized for its support of anti-semitism and white supremacist movements. This group has been gaining national attention for its provocative message and social media presence in Donald Trump's Presidential campaign. 

The University of Michigan has been one of many campuses that started the school year with problems regarding the publication and distribution of racist messages. Appalachian State University recently encountered racist incidents as well when students of color faced harassment after racist chalkings. 

The University's Office of Public Affairs and Internal Communications recently released a statement that the posters are not consistent with the institution's values. The Dean of Michigan's College of Literature, Science, and the Arts released a statement about the situation:

These posters advocating white supremacy strike at the very heart and soul of the College. Their presence marred our physical spaces—in Haven and Mason halls—where we hold our classes and where our faculty and staff work, and are an assault on everything we believe in as a liberal arts college and as a diverse community.

University of Michigan is doing its best to curb the spread of these racist messages on campus. In the meantime, colleges across the country are learning how to be sensitive to issues of diversity. 

Lead Image Credit: University of Michigan Black Student Union Via Twitter