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Nov 15 2016
by Diana Pope

Where Weed was Legalized Last Week in America

By Diana Pope - Nov 15 2016

While the election was going on, you may not have noticed anything about marijuana on your Facebook feed from the whole turmoil of the results. Voters in nine states were able to decide whether or not weed could be legalized in their home states. Now, weed has been legalized in five states across the country. 

Several states have passed measures to allow the use of medical marijuana in hospitals and clinics. While Arizona rejected such measures, Florida, North Dakota and Arkansas have passed laws to legalize medical marijuana. Even though it had previously legalized this drug, Montana passed more measures during this election season to loosen restrictions on the usage of medical marijuana in hospitals. Now, hospitals in 28 states will have access to marijuana for urgent patient care. 

Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California all passed various measures involved with the legalization of recreational marijuana. Arizona proposed an initiative for the sale of recreational marijuana, but the proposal failed after 52% of voters rejected it. Marijuana users in these states will be able to use, sell and consume marijuana. 

In particular, California's voters have approved Proposition 64, allowing recreational marijuana to be legal for users over the age of 21. California now has the largest market for marijuana in the country due to this measure. This comprehensive initiative will also allow sale of marijuana in retail stores and impose a 15% tax on it to raise revenue for the state. 

States like California will gain enormous revenue benefits from the legalization of marijuana. The West Coast will now become an open market for the sale and consumption of weed. However, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada and California might need to enforce regulations so that police can monitor the implementation of these marijuana measures. It will be interesting to witness whether or not more states will follow in these states' footsteps. 

Lead Image Credit: TMartin_33 via Flickr Creative Commons 

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Diana Pope - University of Tennessee Knoxville

Diana is a political science major who also enjoys journalism, history, and philosophy. She loves writing, researching, and debating about politics. In her free time, she enjoys Grey's anatomy marathons and reading detective fiction.

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