Over the past few years, Syria has been home to a raging crisis in the city of Aleppo. The Battle of Aleppo has involved a violent military confrontation between loyal military soldiers supporting President Assad, and rebel fighters who disagree with the current government. Along with this, the Islamic State has worsened the conflict by trying to gain control over large portions of the country. 

Currently, millions of residents are left without necessary resources like water and shelter. Nearly 400,000 civilians have lost their lives because of the Aleppo Crisis alone. As a result of the damage to a host of public utilities, thousands of children no longer have access to public education, and have been displaced without food or water.  Many hospitals and public buildings have been struck down by munitions with chemical gas and other deadly chemicals. The city of Aleppo is in a complete state of disarray due to the amount of bombings and violence. 

Even though the city of Aleppo may seem like a lost cause, there are several ways you can reach out and help the citizens in this country. These helpless Syrian civilians need as much help as possible in the coming months. Here are some ways you can make a difference: 

1. Donate to any relief effort.

This is the most basic action you can do to help out with the Syrian crisis and provide effective assistance. The Syrian government has blocked aid shipments from the United Nations, so any donations to NGOs are important. You can donate to a whole host of charities such as the International Red Cross, Save the Children or Doctors without Borders. You can also fund "The White Helmets," a volunteer first responder service that has saved thousands of lives in Syria's war. 

2. Contact local politicians.

If you don't have the money to donate to relief efforts, you can still make a considerable difference by contacting local officials and asking them to direct more funds towards the Syrian crisis. You can call, write to, or make an office appointment with one of your state's politicians. It's important to urge our country's leaders to sign off on important measures that will invest more funding into Syrian relief efforts. 

3. Follow the work of activist organizations and credible news sources.

Even if you can't directly help out with the Aleppo crisis, you can still keep up-to-date on what's going on in the country. Planet Syria is one activist organization that vows to "engage people around the world in solidarity to stop the violence and extremism." When becoming informed about the crisis, only trust journalism with credible research and reporting. Right now, there is a a high amount of misinformation circulating on the web about the crisis. To stay safe, only follow news sources like AlJazeera, The Washington Post and New York Times

4. Urge Your Friends to Help out with the Crisis

Sometimes, it's appalling to realize how many people don't know about the degree of the Syrian crisis. Whether it's a simple tweet or a lengthy Facebook Post, tell your friends about what's happening in Syria. If more people know about the horrors of the Aleppo War, they will want to actually make a difference. 

Although it's not directly happening in our country, the Aleppo crisis still impacts us. As young, educated adults, it's important that we stay informed about worldly events and how we can help those in need.

Lead Image Credit: Channel 4 News via Youtube