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Sep 12 2016
by Diana Pope

University of Oregon is Forced to Remove a KKK Leader's Name from a Dorm

By Diana Pope - Sep 12 2016

In order to make students feel more at ease, the University of Oregon had to take action. According to The Chronicle of Higher Education, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to remove Frederic Dunn's name from a campus dorm because he was associated with the KKK. 

Frederic Dunn was a dedicated classics professor at the University of Oregon in the 1920's and 30's. During his time there, he served as a leader of a local KKK den. 

The student resident hall was previously named Dunn Hall, and will temporarily be called Cedar Hall. Micheal H. Schill, the University's President, made the recommendation to remove Dunn's name from the campus. Schill's main concern was that freshmen would move into the dorm that was named for "someone notorious". 

Various diversity groups on campus, such as the Black Student Task Force, have presented a list of a dozen demands to the University of Oregon to become more inclusive on campus. Renaming all KKK related buildings was a top priority for these groups this year. 

Other universities have tried to institute extensive measures to rename buildings with racist leaders' names in the past year as well. Yale University has hosted a series of debates about whether or not to remove the name of its long deceased honoree, John C. Calhoun, from one its buildings on campus. Vanderbilt University has returned over a million dollars to a local Tennessee Chapter to remove the name "Confederate" from one of its buildings. 

 All across the country, students and campus leaders are working closely together to remove the names that are associated with racial tension in this country's past. Hopefully, students will feel more at ease in college when they understand that their schools are working hard to encourage inclusivity.  

Lead Image Credit: Jeff Ozvoid via Flickr Creative Commons 

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Diana Pope - University of Tennessee Knoxville

Diana is a political science major who also enjoys journalism, history, and philosophy. She loves writing, researching, and debating about politics. In her free time, she enjoys Grey's anatomy marathons and reading detective fiction.

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