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Mar 04 2017
by Diana Pope

5 Things That Happened In Trump's Presidency This Week That You Should Know About

By Diana Pope - Mar 04 2017
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During this week in politics, several controversies have been brewing in the White House with senate appointments and Trump's foreign policy. Trump's appointment of Jeff Sessions has opened the door to a whole host of questions regarding his relationship with Russia during the Presidential Elections. Along with this, Trump's actions with Yemen have led the general public to speculate about whether the American military targeted innocent civilians. If you missed the news this week, Fresh U Politics has you covered: 

1. Attorney Jeff Sessions Denied Meeting with Russian Officials 

In a meeting early Thursday, Attorney Jeff Sessions denied meeting with Russian officials during the Presidential campaign. Sessions was addressing concerns that were brought up during the senate confirmation hearings by congressmen such as Sen. Al Franken and Sen. Claire McCaskill. Sessions decided to recuse himself from any future investigation, and met with department officials last month after being sworn into office. Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz agreed with Sessions's decision to recuse himself from any further investigation regarding the issue with Russian probes. However, many Democratic lawmakers believe that Sessions should still resign after his admittances during the confirmation hearings. 

2. Trump Conducts First Air Raid on Yemen

The Federal Government conducted a dawn raid on a military group associated with Al-Qaeda early Thursday. The American military had targeted "militants, equipment, infrastructure, heavy weapons systems, and fighting positions" in the Arabian Peninsula. Trump's administration has worked closely with allies in the Middle East through the chaos of Yemen's civil war. However, Sen. John McCain called the air raids a "massive failure", and suggested that these raids were not effective. Trump was outraged by McCain's comments, and remarked that this senator was "helping the enemy". 

3. Ben Carson is Named as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 

This past week, Ben Carson was confirmed by a senate vote of 58-41 to become Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. With his position, Carson plans to assist millions of low-income renters and families who struggle to pay off their foreclosures. Carson agreed to work with Sen. Sharrod Brown (D-OH) to identify properties that are owned by the Trump Family. During his confirmation hearing, Carson did not state whether he would pour any money into Trump's business network. 

4. Trump Administration Proposes New Trade Agenda

The Trump publicized his new trade agenda this week, and is primarily concerned about opening international markets for U.S. exports. The President's agenda proposes that his administration will work hard to block all unfair trading practices in other countries. Trump also has stated that he plans to avoid international settlement mechanisms like the WTO. He had remained an outspoken critic of American trade deals during his Presidential campaign, and hopes that his new trade agenda will allow Americans to have a better chance at improving their current standard of living. 

5. Republican Hammer Out Health Care Bills; Rand Paul Protests Occur 

Many congressional committees are working on repealing legislation associated with ObamaCare, and are holding true to the GOP Promise to remove key parts of the Affordable Care Act. Paul Ryan laid out a three-week timeline for the passage of health-care legislation, and stated that he is "determined to rescue people from this collapsing health-care law and to keep our promise to the American people." Ryan's primary goals are to expand health savings accounts, give states more flexibility with Medicaid funds, and allow for the sale of insurance plans across state borders. However, Rand Paul has adamantly expressed his disagreement with the proposed legislation, and talked to press after he couldn't get a physical copy of the GOP replacement for the Affordable Care Act. He believes that the Republicans' plans for repealing the legislation are illegal, and a "plot to invade the country."

Overall, Trump's administration and the GOP have made some daring moves in politics this week with the new trade and healthcare agenda. The GOP's main plan is to obliterate key components of the Affordable Care Act; Trump seeks to stymy all unfair trading practices in Asia with his new trade agenda. Trump's administration has definitely set an aggressive tone in the world community with his aims for military intervention and international commerce. 

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Diana Pope - University of Tennessee Knoxville

Diana is a political science major who also enjoys journalism, history, and philosophy. She loves writing, researching, and debating about politics. In her free time, she enjoys Grey's anatomy marathons and reading detective fiction.

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