Last Sunday, over 1,500 members of the Temple University community gathered to make over 40,000 PB & J sandwiches. According to the Daily Pennsylvanian, this university has set the record for the highest number of PB & J sandwiches made in an hour. 

Temple University exceeded the previous record by over 10,000 sandwiches. Last year, the university hosted a PB & J a-thon where students made over 400 sandwiches. 

This effort required 4,475 pounds of peanut butter, 3,800 pounds of jelly, and 1,875 loaves of bread. The record was carried out by Temple's student-run Main Campus Program Board. 

The university plans to donate these sandwiches to a worthy cause. These sandwiches will be sent to various organizations and charities in Philadelphia. Champlost Homes, one of these charities, will give the sandwiches to homeless people, soup kitchens, and churches. 

College students at Temple University have definitely taken a big risk by pursuing the task of beating this world record. Maybe more college students will get out of their comfort zones and take on novel pursuits like Temple students did after hearing this story, especially because they did it for a good cause.

Lead Image Credit: Ben Palestino via Temple University