Millennials are always being known for their interest in social activism, but now they can apply their passion for political change to academic work as well. 

The University of Iowa has taken a bold move by adding "Social Justice" to its list of academic programs for students. This will be the first undergraduate program specifically focused on social justice or human rights in any Iowa university, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reports. 

The state has noticed that there has been a marked increase in the number of students who wish to engage in social activism or the nonprofit sector. The University has incorporated new measures such as the "Justice For All Living Learning Community" and a first year seminar on social justice to fulfill their students interest in social justice and activism. 

The social justice academic program will largely be interdisciplinary in nature so that students can integrate their academic work with their intended career paths. The enrollment is expected to be 25 students on the first year of the program. 

Other universities have followed in University of Iowa's footsteps, and added options for academic work in social justice. Vanderbilt University, a renowned research university in the south, has also upgraded its list of social justice offerings. 

Although older generations may criticize millennials for being "social justice warriors", this generation is putting its idealism into action. Whether it's shaping government policy or simply walking into social justice class every day, college students are finding ways to make their voices heard with their commitment to social activism. 

Lead Image Credit: Tom Jacobs via Flickr Creative Commons