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Oct 06 2016
by Diana Pope

Penn State Students Go on Wild Search for Clowns

By Diana Pope - Oct 06 2016

After word spread online about clown sightings in the area, students at Pennsylvania State University orchestrated a riot to chase down any suspected clowns. Students flooded the campus and the local town in search of the clowns, Time Magazine reports. 

Videos were posted on social media showing how students were running in the streets to chase these clowns. The students were reportedly carrying tennis rackets, lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, and hockey sticks as offensive weapons. 

@Clown_Sightings via Twitter

Students gathered at Pollock Hall after news that the clowns were sighted on the campus. After multiple rumors, the students started rushing towards Old Main lawn in search of the clown. 


One twitter video shows students holding a flashlight around a tree on the college campus as a student falls out of it. 

One of the buildings had a projection of the clown from the movie "It". Some Penn State students even made a twitter page dedicated to the mythical clown. 

Penn State Police Sergeant Mike Nelson stated that the concerns were unnecessary since there were no clown sightings and no credible clown threats. Fortunately, the Penn State clown riot did not cause any damage or injuries. 

@DailyCollegian via Twitter

It's bizarre how far college students will go to chase down evil clowns. Halloween season has only just begun, and clown sightings on college campuses are quite the thing this year. 

Lead Image Credit: SIDELINE DREAMS via Youtube

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Diana Pope - University of Tennessee Knoxville

Diana is a political science major who also enjoys journalism, history, and philosophy. She loves writing, researching, and debating about politics. In her free time, she enjoys Grey's anatomy marathons and reading detective fiction.

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