As students started class at Long Island University in Brooklyn this fall, they discovered that their professors were locked out of class. According to the Wall Street Journal, the full time faculty will not be allowed to enter the college campus on the first day of classes due to a series of budget cuts. 

On Saturday, all of the faculty members found out that they were no longer on the payroll and had lost their employee benefits. Many professors admitted to feeling betrayed by the university. Instead of teaching on the first day of classes, the staff at this university will be going on strike. The staff will be entirely replaced by non-faculty members on the first day of classes. 

This is the first time in history that higher education faculty have ever been locked out of a university campus. Members of the faculty were locked out because they rejected the administration's long standing offer for a five year contract. 

Even though the thought of not having teachers may make many college students jealous, students at LIU Brooklyn have no idea how their school will keep functioning. Hopefully, most colleges don't have to go through harrowing budget cuts like this school does. Let's hope students don't have to transfer.

Lead Image Credit: Long Island University