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Oct 03 2016
by Diana Pope

Michelle Obama Urges All Students to Consider College in a Powerful Essay

By Diana Pope - Oct 03 2016

Michelle and Barack Obama have been cheering on millennials to attend college throughout their entire time in the White House. Now, according to Teen Vogue, Michelle Obama has written an inspiring essay empowering students to consider the beneficial prospects of attending college. 

In this essay, she notes that the role models who skipped college should be the exception, not the norm, even though we always see them in the lime-light. She strongly believes that college is the "best path to take" for most students. She noted that college graduates can earn about $1 million more during their lifetimes. 

She wrote this piece for The Fader Magazine, and described her experience of attending Princeton University, even though her parents weren't fortunate enough to have the same luxury. She explained how college opened many doors for her, including the opportunity to work in the Dean's Office at the University of Chicago, and go on to Harvard law school. 

 She encourages students to take advantage of federal student aid in their pursuit of higher education: 

"Getting financial aid and going to college opened a lifetime’s worth of doors for me, my husband, and millions of people just like us all across the country. That’s why we care so much about ensuring that you take the same journey, and we will be helping you and rooting for you every step of the way."

She strongly demands that students commit to attending college. She says that people or certain challenges may discourage students from committing to college, but these obstacles should not prevent anyone from trying to reach his or her dreams. 

Michelle Obama's essay is quite a motivating way to keep students focused on their college ambitions. She definitely has set her mark as First Lady, and has empowered generations of students to work hard to attend college and reach their goals for a better life. 

Lead Image Credit: Tom Jacobs via Flickr Creative Commons 

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Diana Pope - University of Tennessee Knoxville

Diana is a political science major who also enjoys journalism, history, and philosophy. She loves writing, researching, and debating about politics. In her free time, she enjoys Grey's anatomy marathons and reading detective fiction.

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