Joe Biden is doing something no other Vice President has done before - he has decided to crash a college party. According to Time Magazine, Biden has paired up with Adam Devine to inform college students about sexual assault in a hilarious, yet relatable way. 

The Storyline:

Devine needed an undercover partner to crash a college party, and thought that Biden would be the perfect candidate. In a new video from "Funny or Die," the pair set out to discuss sexual assault among college students. Biden has worked hard to address this growing issue during the end of Obama's term, especially after the controversy surrounding the short jail sentence of rapist Brock Turner. 

Funny or Dia via YouTube

Devine and Biden act like typical college students who are just trying to have fun, and share a hilarious conversation in the video. Devine gives advice to Biden about how to properly treat drunk students:

So, like, if you see a buddy, and he’s talking to someone who’s too drunk to consent, you tell that buddy, like, ‘Yo, buddy, chill!’” And then you make sure that drunk person gets home safe, right?

Throughout the clip, the VP wears sunglasses to hide his true identity at a college party. He almost passes off as an average person until he tells a story about hanging out with President Obama. The video is one of two dozen PSAs released since the White House's start of the "It's on Us" Campaign. 

Vice President Joe Biden via Instagram

The White House's It's on Us Campaign is an awareness campaign geared at putting an end to sexual assault on college campuses. It was started in 2014, and has mandated that more public officials review existing laws so that they can adequately protect victims of sexual assault. Since then, the campaign has received over 50,000 signatures. 

It's inspiring to hear that our federal government is working so hard to fight sexual assault. If you'd like to be a part of this new campaign, you can sign a pledge here. After all, everyone's voice matters when it comes to sexual assault on college campuses. 

Lead Image Credit: Funny or Die via Youtube