College students have always been in love with the same fast food chains: Chipotle, Insomnia Cookies, Panda Express, etc. Now, they can have their Chipotle burritos delivered quickly to them by drones. 

According to Bloomberg News, the experimental service will begin this month and last a few weeks. Chipotle will be working closely with Alphabet Inc., Google's parent company, to test the service out at Virginia Tech. 

This drone project will use self-guided hybrids that can hover like a helicopter and lower the Chipotle food in the blink of an eye. Alphabet Inc. believes that the technology will be more beneficial for the environment because drones have been proven to reduce carbon emissions. 

Virginia Tech

So far, this is one of the most extensive corporate tests in the United States. Amazon Inc. and Walmart are also following in Chipotle's footsteps and hope to use these remote controlled flyers to deliver products to its consumers. 

This project is part of Virginia Tech's efforts to become a leader in pioneering transportation technology. Virginia Tech President has cheered on the new project, and has stated:

Last year while discussing the entrepreneurial spirit at Virginia Tech, I jokingly speculated we might one day have quadcopters delivering ramen noodles around campus — apparently I wasn’t off by much.

Technology never fails to amaze Americans with all of the new advancements and inventions that are coming out every day (check out the best drones for under $500).  In this case, college students may soon be relying on technology to deliver their burritos through the skies. 

Lead Image Credit: Terry Rosema via Flickr Creative Commons