Recently, the football team at Cornell University made a bold move by trying to reward its players with sombreros. Due to this, Latino student activists reacted strongly against Roy Istvan, the team's offensive coordinator, for tweeting photos of two students wearing sombreros. 

The activists suggest that Istvan undergo disciplinary gestures for his decision to tweet these photos. Matt Indimine, executive vice president of the student assembly, has formerly requested that Cornell remove these tweets immediately from the football team's Twitter page. 

Istvan has removed the tweet and apologized on social media. He said that these sombreros served as a reward to players "who represent the best teamwork". 

However, some Latinos feel as if users of the Twitter community are acting too sensitive about the football team's tweets. Gustavo, a Mexican football team member from Texas, has defended the team's tweets and said:

This is being blown up by sensitive people on social media who aren’t even of relevance to the Mexican culture.

Many students have requested that the university receive corrective action by subjecting Istvan to sensitivity training. MECha de Cornell, a group that represents Chicano students has accused the coach of "cultural appropriation". 

Although there is disagreement about whether the tweet should have been removed or not, students definitely have received a lesson about how to treat issues of diversity on college campus. Students should be more careful about vocalizing their thoughts about other cultures. 

Lead Image Credit: Roy Istvan via Twitter