All college students think about shifting their career interests at some point, but one football player has made a drastic career change. Treyous Jarrells, a football player at Colorado State University, had given up his dreams at landing a spot in the NFL to grow medical marijuana, USA Today reports.  

Jarrells is one of hundreds of thousands legal marijuana growers in the state of Colorado, and yearns to find a way to remove marijuana off the banned substances list in this country. He has stated that he has regularly used marijuana in the past to relieve chronic pain from injuries.

Treyous Jarrells interviewed during college game

He currently grows marijuana in an unfinished room within his home. He hopes to grow his own business, and is bottling and selling spray that can help cannabis plants flourish in normal growing facilities.  

Jarrells earned a scholarship to play at Colorado State University, and was a star football player through his high school and college years. During his sophomore year, he averaged 5.2 yards per carry as a running block in 2014. He suddenly quit the team because he was scared because of the consequences of being caught with this drug. 

Colorado State University athletes are required to sign a consent form that allows them to be tested at any time for marijuana in their bloodstream. After a certain number of positive tests, a football player can be dismissed from the team for suspected marijuana use. Jarrells has stated that he played under the influence in all but one of his games. 

I practiced under the influence. I played under the influence. This is my drug. 

Hopefully, Jarrells will not come into a significant amount of trouble with the law as he shifts his career aspiration. As of now, his business aspirations hold better prospects with the booming marijuana industry in Colorado. He definitely has taken a different career path after college graduation than most of his peers. 

Lead Image Credit: Terry Frei via the Denver Post