Brock Turner's lenient jail sentence has sparked national outrage from leading news outlets and public officials. Now, according to the LA Times, California lawmakers have passed Bill AB 2888, which would require all rapists to serve prison time. 

California Lawmakers discuss AB 2888

This bill is monumental because it would require every rapist to serve prison time, regardless of whether he or she raped an unconscious victim. Previously, a rape of an unconscious victim would only necessitate probation time. 

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen helped propose this legislation and congratulated lawmakers for their efforts on finally getting this bill passed. He also thanked the victim of the Brock Turner Case, for raising awareness about sexual assault through her widely circulated letter.

Maybe this law will make college campuses safer for women across the country. It definitely should give our nation hope that sexual assault laws are finally changing. 

Lead Image Credit: Rahim Ullah via the Stanford Daily