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Dec 06 2016
by Diana Pope

A College Student's Guide to Trump's Policies: Health Care

By Diana Pope - Dec 06 2016
Donald Trump has vowed to initiate a whole host of different changes once he steps into office. He strives to build a wall, ban Muslims from entering the country and remove the Environmental Protection Agency. Trump's radical plans to obliterate the Affordable Care Act have caused quite a controversy - some Americans are agitated about the financial aspects of Obamacare, while others are not so excited to see this new reform go away with his presidency. Many Americans are continually asking the same question: will Trump actually get rid of Obamacare? 

Donald Trump has promised to get rid of the Affordable Care Act once he is in office and plans to develop a replacement with the Senate so that Obamacare has a better solution. However, Trump has not developed a solid strategy to fully dismantle federally-funded healthcare. 

Most people who voted for Trump hold a pessimistic view of Obamacare and hope he will "finally" repeal the Affordable Care Act. Many Americans feel upset with this program because they are upset that the policy requires that all citizens have insurance or pay a tax penalty. 

In his policy plan, Trump addresses how this program has raised economic concerns among many American citizens. The president-elect vows to work with Congress to initiate a series of reforms that will follow free market principles and make healthcare more affordable. 

Trump's Plan with Health Savings Accounts

Primarily, he hopes to allow individuals to use "health savings accounts" or account users can make tax-free contributions, which can be passed onto heirs without fear of a tax penalty. Trump believes that this part of his reform policy will be appealing to young adults and college students who can afford high-deductible insurance plans. The funds from the saving accounts can be used by any member of an individual's family at all times. 

Trump's Plan for Young Adults

College students are also worried about Trump's plans to expunge the Affordable Care Act from existence. Currently, this plan allows all individuals to stay on their parents' healthcare plan until age 26. In the United States, college students who were uninsured largely benefitted from Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act helped to extend dependent coverage eligibility to all young adults. 

Reactions to Trump's Reforms of Obamacare

However, Trump does not understand how the process of repealing Obamacare is lengthy and complicated. Senate Majority leader John Cornyn has stated that there will be a "multiyear transition into the replacement of Obamacare." Many Americans who now rely on Obamacare after the institution of the Affordable Care Act would have to move to another health-care system. 

In the past, Trump has asserted that the repeal of Obamacare will be a smooth endeavor, and that "it'll be fine." However, many senators estimate that it will take up to 3 years to fully dismantle all extensions of the program under Trump's presidency. Republicans have still not developed a plan to fully replace the act. 

Trump and other Republicans need to develop a broad and large-scale initiative if they wish to remove Obamacare from the public health sector. Many college students rely on federally-funded healthcare for insurance, and the president-elect's new reforms may disrupt their access it.  The Affordable Care Act is more complicated than it seems, and Trump has to take into consideration all of the program's benefits before he fully dismantles it. 

Lead Image Credit: Stephen Melkisethian via Flickr Creative Commons


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Diana Pope - University of Tennessee Knoxville

Diana is a political science major who also enjoys journalism, history, and philosophy. She loves writing, researching, and debating about politics. In her free time, she enjoys Grey's anatomy marathons and reading detective fiction.

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