Brock Turner's recent release from jail has raised nationwide concerns about the justice that is due to victims of sexual assault. Yana Mazurkevich, a student at Ithaca College, has created a photo platform to showcase what rape victims feel like, according to BuzzFeed News. 

The photographer named her series "It Happens" in order to raise awareness about sexual assaults, and how it can happen to anyone. Mazurkevich was personally a victim of sexual assault, and knew friends who were victims as well. She wanted to channel her anger about the Brock Turner case and all other rapes through this important photo series. 

Turner was released from jail after only three months for the rape of an unconscious woman on the campus of Stanford University. His short sentence has sparked anger from leading public officials in the country, who have called for the mandatory jailing of all rapists.

Mazurkevich said that the photos are purposely frozen in motion to show something horrendous that can actually happen in reality, and wanted to portray lifeless victims who had no control of a dangerous situation. She used bold words in the images that highlight the terrifying nature of sexual assaults such as "It happens to anyone" and "It happens anywhere."

The photographer did not expect to gain overnight fame for these images, yet her images have accumulated over 50,000 shares on Facebook and 10,000 posts on Tumblr. Mazurkevich has been touched by all the victims who have proceeded to share their personal stories due to her photography series. 

Yana Mazurkevich's photo series is being spread to college students across the country, and her message rings true with victims of sexual assault. This photographer's courage with sharing an omnipresent story of rape in such a creative and public way should be an inspiration to all students. See the entire photo series below:

Lead Image Credit: @IthacanOnline via Twitter