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Sep 26 2017
by Devon Fenesy

7 Apps to Help You De-stress

By Devon Fenesy - Sep 26 2017

College can cause plenty of stress and you don't deserve to panic. Your mental health should be a top priority. To keep yourself sane, try some of these apps! Each app is a different way to de-stress, using different tools and ways to calm you down. I tried seven kinds of apps that are all said to help you de-stress and rated each of them on a 1-10 scale.

1. Coloring Book for Adults – Adult Coloring Book

This app was created for relaxation, calming, de-stressing, etc., which was nice. I personally appreciate actual coloring over online coloring, but if you plug in your headphones and choose to draw in this app, it can definitely help.  

Rating: 4/10 

Check it out here

2. Pacifica – Anxiety, Stress and Depression Relief 

This app has just about everything. It has certain kinds of stress meditations, suggestions for guided path de-stressors and the home page includes specific types of journals and a mood tracker. I would recommend this to anyone who wants an app that has a long-term effect, rather than a short-term fix.

Rating: 9/10

Check it out here

3. Yoga for Beginners – Meditation Relax Stress Relief

This app was very well laid out, but most of the poses had to be unlocked. Yes, yoga is known as a great de-stressor, but it never mentioned calming poses, de-stress techniques, etc.. I would try it if yoga is something you love to do, but not for your average anxiety. 

Rating: 3/10

Check it out here

4. Headspace: Guided Meditation 

I would suggest this app for anyone who enjoys meditation, but who also just needs a moment to breathe. It made me feel calm instantly, and each meditation is geared towards your needs, specifically. They even have a meditation for those leaving from home to college!   

Rating: 8/10

Check it out here

5. End Anxiety Hypnosis 

Honestly, it kinda works. In the first moments, I always get very relaxed, but I end up asleep a lot of time. After waking up hours later in a panic a few different times, I would only use this if you're having a hard time going to sleep.

Rating: 5/10

Check it out here

6. Stress Baal

This app is very cute and charming, but the instructions are not very clear, and the ball is fun to throw around for about 30 seconds. I would not suggest this app for actual stress, but maybe extreme boredom. 

Rating: 1/10 

Check it out here

7. Peak – Brain Training

I really enjoyed playing all the brain games, but I don't know if it really relieved any stress. Although it is working your brain, and most likely benefitting you, I would not label this a de-stressor.

Rating: 5/10

Check it out here

Everyone needs a little de-stressing in their life. So grab a family size bag of chips, climb into the bathtub, read a book or maybe hop onto the App Store and try some of these out! 

Lead Image Credit: Pixabay 

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Devon Fenesy - American University

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