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Oct 16 2017
by Devon Fenesy

10 Things You Forgot to Put in Your Roommate Living Agreement

By Devon Fenesy - Oct 16 2017

Everyone with a roommate knows about the required Resident Living Agreement filled out between roommates at the start of the school year. However, it may be hard to know your exact needs coming into school. Without knowing your roommate, here are ten things you forgot to put in your roommate agreement which you should add now. 

1. Specific Times Guests Can Visit 

Sleep is essential. Make sure you get enough by setting a time period at night and in the morning when guests can visit. It guarantees undisturbed time for sleep. 

2. A Specific Time to Study

It's super important that you get time to study, so pick a few hours of the day when your room is specifically used to study. Even if you don't use that time to study, it can be used as a time to have some silence. If you have an allotted time for silence, it may force you to do something productive.

3. When Each Roommate Takes Out the Trash

In addition to deciding when each roommate takes out the trash, determine when it is the right time to take out the trash. I would suggest taking out the trash before it overflows and before you have mice. Most importantly, you should not be responsible for your roommate's trash and vice versa. Please make sure the trash goes out.

4. Who Buys What Food 

You need food, so talk to your roommate about when grocery shopping will occur and who buys what food. If your roommate doesn't like a certain item essential to your diet, then you should be in charge of buying it. If you both eat or drink something, trade-off every time. Make things as fair as possible.

5. A Cleaning Schedule 

To avoid a dorm room that is a complete mess most of the time, cleaning must happen. Have a conversation with your roommate and create a cleaning schedule to make sure you don't live in a mess. If there are two or three roommates in a dorm, try rotating every week. One person cleans for an entire week and another roommate cleans the next week. A cleaning schedule helps maintain harmony and can keep your room spotless.

6. The Time for Music

Music is awesome, but sometimes it's not the right time to blast it. Set aside a time to play music through speakers and a time for headphones. Also, here's a quick tip: figure out the loudest you can play your music without having it reach the RA's door. 

7. Rules on "Sexiling" 

Have a set plan for when one is "sexiled" because this is college and it happens. Make sure you know how you will communicate with your roommate about sex and keep it consistent the entire year. Still, don't be the roommate who is constantly sexiling the other. That's not fair to your roommate(s), and you would not want to be kicked out of your room constantly if the roles were reversed. 

8. What You Can Share 

Don't just say you can share everything with your roommate, you will regret it. Lay out what can be shared and what you would prefer to keep to yourself. It's awesome if you and your roommate share clothes, makeup or shoes, but if sharing is not cool with you, don't expect anything in return.

9. The Right Temperature for the Thermostat

Find the right temperatures with daytime and nighttime. Each person is going to have their preference. Find a temperature range that works for all roommates at night and in the morning. It's easier to layer up if you're cold than cool down if you're hot. I would suggest having the ranges pretty spread out. 

10. Communication Techniques

It's inevitable that an obstacle will come up. It will only grow if you don't address it right away. As hard as confrontation is, it is the most important tool when living with someone. You won't get along all the time and that's okay. Establish techniques for communication and learn to immediately address issues. 

It may take a few tries to get exactly what you hoped for out of a roommate agreement, but living with someone for the first time can be complicated. Don't sweat it; just learn from your mistake and make adjustments. 

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