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Aug 09 2017
by Destiny Abercrumbie

What I Learned From Being an INFJ College Student

By Destiny Abercrumbie - Aug 09 2017

In high school, we take a personality test to see what type of personality we have, through various types of questions about what would we do in certain situations. My results came back as INFJ, which is a very rare personality type according to the 16 Personalities website.  The personality type of INFJ only makes up about 1.5 percent of the world's population, but when we come, we leave our mark.

I — Introversion

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Introversion comes from the word introvert, which is a person who is characterized by concern primarily with his or her own thoughts and feelings, as opposed to extroverts, who love to express themselves vividly with their words and expressions. 

This has affected me a lot as an English and creative writing major since most of my classes are either lecture or group discussion type classes. I really like to convey how I feel through paper rather than my words because it doesn't make much sense when I say them aloud. They say in order to survive in this world, you have to use your mouth. I learn to try to be open and express how I feel, but it's still a problem that I'm still focusing on and trying to improve.

N — I(n)tuition

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Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Having the ability to understand how a person is feeling is a good trait to have, especially if you are that friend that gives a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to. We are excellent listeners if anyone needs to vent and have someone to hear them out. What I also realized is that INFJs are different people when it comes to things we are passionate about. We release our inner extrovert when it comes to things that we are passionate about, but our energy does get wiped afterward.

Similar situations happen like this when my friends or roommate need someone to vent to about a problem they need help solving, or suggestions on what to do. After a few times, you feel like you really are a counselor because you like to help out anyone who comes to you for it. We are good listeners and if you need anyone to talk to or just want someone to listen when you vent out your emotions, INFJs are here for you.

F — Feelings


Feelings are pretty self-explanatory. INFJs tend to think with emotions rather than with logic. We use our emotions to make decisions, similar to a sixth sense. We value personal considerations above objective criteria, meaning that when we make a decision it's not about logical thinking, but social thinking. This is especially seen in debates when it comes to topics that we are passionate about. We put out all of our efforts to get our points across but feel drained out once we finish.

I feel like this happens to me when it comes to relationships or just being with a lot of people in a personal setting. When people say, "Don't take things to heart," we have a bad habit of not listening, especially when it comes to constructive criticism. We know that it's just a suggestion that another person is giving us, but it still kind of affects us.

J — Judgment

Tim Gouw via Unsplash

Judgment means that we tend to plan out activities and make decisions early. We like to have everything in our own space. We also like to get to the point of things and find a conclusion.

An example of this is that when we are in a situation, like the ending of a friendship or relationship, we want closure instead of taking the time to figure out things. Another example of this is that we love routine, meaning that we like to have a schedule or a repeated pattern that we can stay consistent with. When I have to go back to school, I will be coming in with a different schedule that I have to get adjusted to.

Everyone's personality may be different in a college setting, but most INFJs, or anyone with any of these four letters in their personality type, can relate to the type of setting that was described. Don't let personality types shape the way that you think, but let them help you understand yourself and the choices that you make.

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