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Jun 15 2017
by Destiny Abercrumbie

A Goodbye Letter to My Roommate

By Destiny Abercrumbie - Jun 15 2017

A letter to my roommate, who is one of the biggest reasons why I choose Bradley University.

Dear Roomie,

As we go onto finishing our finals, packing up our rooms and saying goodbye to the friends that we made on campus, I realize that I am going to miss you most of all. You dealt with my weirdness, introverted nature, actually got into K-pop music after I played it almost every day when I was doing homework and was there for me when I had drama that I didn't know how to deal with, and vice versa.

They say when college students choose a random roommate, it doesn't work out all the time. Well, we did a random selection, also known as making Facebook posts in the Bradley Facebook group chat to anyone that didn't have a roommate, and the time that we chatted with each other was amazing. We had many things in common, but the one thing that we both agreed on, and the reason that we decided to become roommates, was the fact that we are both HUGE Disney fans. From Disney princess movies to Pixar to anything that was made by Disney, we are the biggest fans. I remember you always had Disney music playing in the background as we attempted to do homework but ended up singing along to the songs.

College is the time where you stress about everything and anything. You can literally wake up stressed because so many things will come to your mind: Did I finish all of my assignments? Did I print out everything that I need for today? Do I have enough food in my room? Where did I put that book from yesterday? And your roommate will be the best person that you can vent out all of your problems too, because you live with them. To have that special bond with your roommate that turns this person that you live with to your best friend/sibling is the greatest bond to ever have, and I have that with my roommate. I can't wait to be your roommate next year so we can talk more about Disney, K-pop and whatever random conversation that we have while we doing homework or laying in the dark at 1 or 2 a.m. Just talking.

I miss you roomie, and even though I can wait until move-in day because you know I love summer, it will be a funny day when we finally reunite on campus.

From your annoying, random, but funny, roommate, 


Roommates are the bond that you want to have because they're like the best friend that lives with you. I hope that the bond that you have with you roommate is similar or greater than mine.

Lead Image Credit: Destiny Abercrumbie

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Destiny Abercrumbie - Bradley University

Hi, everyone! My name is Destiny Abercrumbie, not Abercrombie & Fitch, and I'm a student at Bradley University. My major is English Creative Writing with a minor in Social Media Marketing. I have been writing since I was in second grade, but it didn't become a hobby until fifth grade. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @rhosepoodle

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