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Jul 16 2017
by Destiny Abercrumbie

A Freshman's Guide to the Dorms of Bradley University

By Destiny Abercrumbie - Jul 16 2017

Congratulations on choosing Bradley University! By now you probably have already chosen a residence hall to stay in based off of the videos that they have online, the layout pictures they have of what the room would look like and/or campus tours of the residence halls. Here is a list of all the residence halls/apartments that are available to all Bradley students.

1. Geisert Hall

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Geisert Hall is the tallest building/residence hall on Bradley campus. This 10-story building houses students from freshmen to seniors, but there are mostly freshmen that live in this residence hall. One good thing about living in Geisert is the basement dining hall, because during the winter when you get hungry but you don't want to walk through the cold to get your food, with Geisert, you can take the elevator to the basement in your pajamas to get that nice meal. The room sizes are pretty nice and, same as every residence hall (except for Williams, since it is organized differently), Geisert is co-ed by floor. The downside to this nice residence hall is that if you are on any of the upper floors and the elevator decides to break down, you might have to leave a little bit early to go down all of the stairs and out of the building.

2. Harper/Wyckoff Hall

Harper/Wyckoff Hall is unique for its shared lobby, where you can interact with more students on campus. Even though these residence halls house more upperclassmen, these residence halls are open to everyone. These residence halls are the closest, in my opinion, to Campustown, where there are restaurants like Avanti's, One World, Subway, etc. The downside from this is that if you don't have a class at Baker Hall, or in the College of Business, you do have to leave early to make that walk to your classes that could be at the GCC, Bradley Hall, Olin or Westlake.

3. Williams Hall

Williams Hall, similar to Geisert Hall, also has a cafeteria but it's not in the basement — it's on the ground floor. Williams Hall also has a food place called Center Court, so if you don't feel like walking to the Student Center to enjoy some Chick-fil-A or Moes, you can grab a tasty sandwich, burgers at the grill place or just buy some snacks and drinks to take to your dorm. If you are a music major, you are right next to Constance Hall, also known as the College of Music. You are also right next to the bookstore, which you won't understand how great it is to be right next to it until you actually move in on campus.

4. University Hall

University Hall, also known as my home for freshmen year, is an all-freshmen residence hall. What I really love about University Hall is the fact that it is an all-freshmen residence hall, meaning that you are staying with your classmates, and you can make friends easier since everyone, except for your RA, is also going through their first year of college. A fun fact about U-Hall is that it's across the street from Bacci's, which is a decent pizza place. Another thing that I like is that you can control the air conditioning in your room, unlike Williams, Harper, Wyckoff and Geisert. It's really helpful in the winter when you can control the heat while everyone else has to wait for the heat to come on.

5. Heitz Hall

Heitz, also know as my home this year as a second-year college student, is a really nice dorm because of the size of the rooms. Heitz has the biggest rooms out of all the residence halls, so while it's still kind of cramped, you have more room to put stuff and more walking space inside the dorm. It's right across the street from the student center, and just a block away from Campustown, so you can go to restaurants like Starbucks, Subway, One World, etc. There is a secret pathway right next to the Student Center that can give you a straight way to Bradley Hall instead of walking from block to block to cross the street. You share a lounge with students who commute to campus.

6. Single Dorms: Elmwood, Lovelace and Wendle Hall

If you decide to come to Bradley and don't want to have a roommate, these places are right for you. They're actually on campus and are located right next to Geisert Hall. The rooms are a comfortable size and there are fewer people per floor that you will be living with, so it's fewer people to share the washing machine and dryer with.

7. College Hall

This a residence hall option for if you are transferring to Bradley. What is unique about College Hall is that it's the only residence hall that has a kitchen.

8. Off-Campus Housing

If you want to live off-campus, you have the options of either SAC, also known as Student Apartment Complex, St. James or Main Street Commons. These are options for upperclassmen and if there is room, after your first year of college you can move into SAC. The reason why I recommend SAC is because it's closest to campus since it's located behind the Garrett Center, which is located behind Williams Hall and next to GCC.

I hope this article will be helpful for you next year as it gets closer to picking a residence hall to live in, or for high school seniors who are already thinking of coming to Bradley, here is an idea of what Bradley's residence halls are like.

Lead Image Credit: David McBee via Pexels 

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