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Jan 06 2017
by Destiny Abercrumbie

8 Important Lessons From the First Semester of College

By Destiny Abercrumbie - Jan 06 2017
I just completed my first semester of college, and even though it's my first time going to an institution far away from home, I did get a lot of guidance from my professors, my peer mentor and some upperclassmen that I befriended. Here are some pieces of advice that I got that I think will be really helpful:

1. For introverts:

"You just have to find yourself a little more and then try to push yourself to get more involved and speak out when you need to or want to," -my mentor, Imani

"It does take time to be outspoken, you don't have to become a fully extrovert to be open and talk to people."

2. On friends:

"People change and so do you. Sometimes you still have to associate with them and have them as associates instead of friends, but you can still talk to them," -my mentor, Imani

"It's OK to make the first move in talking to someone."

3. On yourself:

"All young people should explore college because it gives them a chance to develop into their sense of self an gives them an advantage in the working world," -Ms. Nham, high school teacher

"When you don't understand something, seek clarification. Ask questions, email your professors, visit them during their office hours, use the tutoring center, join in person or online study groups," -Mrs. Kidd

"Take time to do something you enjoy doing/have fun: join a club or organization, workout, swim, go to a party, but be mindful with parties."

4. On Greek life:

"You don't have to join Greek life just to make friends, you can make friends outside of Greek life."

"Greek life is not for everyone."

5. On dorm life:

"Always have some type of food in your room for those late nights when the dining halls are closed. These will come in handy."

"On move-in day, don't be afraid to go around your whole floor and say hi to everyone!"

6. Sleep:

"It's not worth pulling an all nighter to study for an exam, test or quiz that you have tomorrow."

"If you can squeeze in a fifteen minute nap and actually fifteen minutes, then go right ahead and do it."

7. The values of headphones:

"You never realize how important headphones are until you have to be in a semi-noisy place to work on homework. They are truly a life saver."

"They are a huge help when your floor decides to be noisy and throws a loud party before quiet hours. You will thank me later."

"They are really good when your roommate is on the phone or is video chatting someone and you need to focus on your assignment."

8. Chargers:

"A charger becomes your right hand depending on if your teacher lets you use technology in their class. I recommend also carrying a portable charger with you. You'll never know the value of it until your phone dies right in front of you."

"I had four classes back to back and with all of them with some free time to myself, my phone was literally on 10 percent. Once class was done, I went to the store and bought a portable charger. It became really helpful for when I wanted to go out with my friends after class and my phone wasn't close to dead."

I learned a lot of things from my first semester of college, but I know as I continue the next few years of school I will learn more and more about myself and about life. I hope this list will be helpful for you as you head into your next semester of college or get ready for college.

Lead Image Credit: Faustin Tuyambaze via Unsplash

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Destiny Abercrumbie - Bradley University

Hi, everyone! My name is Destiny Abercrumbie, not Abercrombie & Fitch, and I'm a student at Bradley University. My major is English Creative Writing with a minor in Social Media Marketing. I have been writing since I was in second grade, but it didn't become a hobby until fifth grade. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @rhosepoodle

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