Yes, it is that dreaded time of the year: time for academic advising to put together your schedule for next semester. For a good majority of students, this is not your first time going through this process, so it is not that scary. However, for first-year students and even first semester students, this can be kind of intimidating.  Don't worry, no matter if this is your first or even last time, there are many thoughts that go through our head during this time.  Here is a list of few thoughts that college students have in academic advising:

1. Why Am I Here?


This would most apply to first or second-time students who experience academic advising.  They might not fully understand why it is required to meet with their advisor to talk about their schedule when they can build their own schedule.  Your advisor is like your mentor, he or she is a person that you can go to when you have any questions or suggestions about your schedule, classes and sometimes the professor that is teaching that class.

2. What should I say?  What should I do?


Sometimes when you go into academic advising, you might not have anything planned out or no idea of the type of classes you want to take.  When it comes time for your advisor to ask, "Do you have any other questions?", students sometimes go into a blank state when all the questions that they originally had, is now gone.

3. I am ready to get this over with!


Academic advising can bring in positive thoughts. For students who have been looking at the list of classes that are available for next semester and already created multiple samples schedules to show to their advisor are achievers who are ready for school.  Not everyone is like this, so don't be discouraged. Even having a list of classes you are interested in taking is a good start so that your advisor can see how to place it together to form a schedule.

4. Where are you?


Students feel so anxious for their academic advising session that they show up early, but forgetting to take into account that they showed up 20 minutes or even an hour early.  This is perfectly normal, but even if you show up right on time and your advisor is not there, give them an extra few minutes. If he/she was teaching a class before your appointment, it will take them a little while to show up

5. I am not prepared.


Don't feel bad that you have nothing prepared for your meeting. Things happen in life that takes up a lot of your time that you would have used to get things in order. Your advisor will perfectly understand and will work with you.

6. It's Over!


You got through your meeting successfully, thanked your advisor for his/her time and are walking out their office. You feel a huge relief lift off your chest, as you now have the registration hold off of your account. Now, when it's time to register, you are ready to sign up for your classes.

7. And now we wait.


You survived your meeting, but now you are anxious for the time that you have to wait to register. Will the class that you want to be in be filled up? You are scared when you get waitlisted for a class, wondering whether you will eventually get placed in or not. And if not, what class should you take its place.

No matter what thoughts go through your head, just remember academic advising only happens once a semester. You are strong and brave enough to get through it. It is not as bad as it sounds and once you have that one meeting, you do not have to go through that process again until next semester. Have fun registering for classes!

Lead Image Credit: Startup Stock Photos via Pexels