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Aug 11 2016
by Destiny Abercrumbie

6 Emotions Incoming Freshmen Are Feeling Right Now

By Destiny Abercrumbie - Aug 11 2016

The day is quickly approaching for us incoming freshmen when we move in and leave our past behind us. There are some mixed emotions that are going on through our heads right now, so here is a list of emotions that you are feeling right now (or are going to be soon).

1. Loneliness

You are probably at the stage where you are about to be all on your own; you have no friends from high school going to the same school as you. You might be shy or an introvert, like me, who is scared to approach new people because you don't know what to say. The best advice I can give you to overcome this somehow is to make the first move to conversation. You will never know that the person that you decided to be open to first can be your very best friend a few days later.

2. Anxiety

Whether you are anxiously nervous or anxiously excited, feelings will be hitting you right in the chest once you realize how much time you have left of your summer break. The rush of emotions starts to rise from your chest and you don't know whether to be excited or nervous about college. You are just so confused on what to feel that you probably won't know until day one on campus.

3. Overwhelmed

You just finished your last year of high school and you think the summer will be the R&R that you need to recover from all the projects, tests and finals you just suffered through. Well, you're wrong. You get hit with all the things you have to get prepared for before you even start the first day as a college freshman: financial aid, orientation, loans, packing, trunk/graduation parties and anything that you have to buy because you need to have it for college. Hopefully you will have some down time once you recover from all the pre-college plans.

4. Sadness

Feeling sad and feeling lonely may sound the same, but there are some differences between the two. Feeling lonely is the fact that you have nobody to talk to since you will be new to the environment. Feeling sad is not just about being on your own, but missing other things that you don't get to do or having the feeling of being home sick. After probably a few days or weeks on campus you might start to miss being at home, sleeping in, etc., and you just don't know what to do. What I have been told to do is to talk to the counselor; they will help you.

5. Stressed

After you receive your schedule from orientation, you still might have one more problem to deal with besides packing: textbooks. You went to your college bookstore to see how much it costs and it makes you want to cry or scream for how much money you will have to pay. You have to make a decision on whether to rent or buy your textbooks since you don't know if you have to keep them or make notes in them. Then after you spend money on whatever decision you make, you have to decide when is the day to start packing. Everything that you have to do before you leave just takes over your mind and you end up doing stuff last minute.

6. Excitement/Happiness


You are so pumped to start the next journey of your life: college! You are done with high school and are ready to be out on your own ready to meet new people, have new adventures, new experiences and to venture out into your new community to find a way to make a difference. You are not letting fear and sadness get to you as you are ready to "turn up." No more listening to parents telling you what to do or what time to get home or anything!

In the end, there will be mixed feelings about going off to school, no matter if it's a different city in the state that we live in, or we're moving to a different state. But we will somehow find a way to overcome these feelings!

Lead Image Credit: inbal marilli via Unsplash

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