It is almost that time of the year again for high school seniors: college applications. For some people, they actually want to go to college while others are thinking of other options. There are some people who are wondering, "Why should I apply to college?" Need some reasons to push you to apply to school? Here are 10 below.

1. New Experiences

You are about to venture out into the world of independence! With this new independence, you come to realize that, depending on what city you live in, a high school has kept you sheltered from the real world and what it contains. Students should consider going to college because when you go to college, you think that you're this full-on adult, but once you really become an adult, you realize that college was just practice. I think going away to college teaches you how to be on your own and is a great way to expose yourself to people and things you may not normally try back home.

2. A Fresh Start

For people who are shy, I believe college is a fresh start. Most of the time, you're meeting people for the first time and they have no clue who you were in high school. It's a chance to start new. I think everyone should experience it if possible. I think the best reason to go to college is to take the time to explore life outside of what is familiar. 

For example, college is the time that a lot of young adults leave their homes, move to new cities, meet new people, join new organizations, etc., and it is a great time for self-exploration and growth, while still being in the comfortable setting of school.

3. Opportunities

College is a one-way ticket to opening up your eyes to the many opportunities and job opportunities there are in the world for you. Many jobs these days are now requiring you to have a college degree and you have a lesser chance of losing your job than someone with just a high school diploma. Even though you can make connections with your friends and coworkers at your job, these connections are broadened in college. You can meet with professors that have many years of experience in the field that you are in and can set you up with appointments for internships or a job. You can also network through the clubs and organizations that you join.

4. Finding Yourself

 In college, you are finally on your own and you get to make your own decisions. Throughout the many classes you take, the clubs you join, the people you meet and the opportunities you have to choose from, you get to decide what you want or don't want to do, which creates your personal identity. There's the phrase "you only live once," which can also apply to college. With how the world is with money, you can probably only go to college once, so take that chance. There aren't many chances to get to meet interesting and fun people every day and live your life the way you want it. You can stay out late, stay up as a late as you want, get to go to parties and don't have to come back home to parents questioning you.

5. Get Involved!

In high school, there probably weren't many clubs that you wanted to join because they just didn't interest you. In college, I can guarantee there is a group for you for whatever you are interested in. If there isn't, you can get three or four other people to agree on this idea and a faculty member to sponsor it, and you can make it happen!

College is a time that a lot of young adults leave their homes to do new things so they can learn about themselves. Students who do not opt to pursue college after high school might face entering the workforce immediately, which is not a bad plan since college isn't for everyone.  I encourage all young people to explore college because it gives them a chance to develop into their sense of self and gives them an advantage in the working world.

Lead Image Credit: Jacob Roseland via Flickr Creative Commons