Picking a major can be a difficult and tedious process. Many college students switch their major multiple times before they finish school. It is completely fine to not declare a major right out of high school. Some people find different interests or finally solidify what they are passionate about in college. Here are some college majors with fantastic job opportunities to consider during the selection process.

1. Business


Majoring in business prepares students for a wide range of job opportunities in the business world. As a business major, you will learn the fundamentals of business and critical concepts of the modern business model. Students gain knowledge in human resources, accounting, marketing and administration. Business is a broad major, but depending on the university, it is easy for students to find a specialization. Some universities offer more business-related majors than others. Anyone majoring in business is a versatile employee in the job market. The business field is in growth and in need of critical thinkers who are outgoing, great planners and have strong analytical skills. Some jobs in this field may include being a financial analyst, accountant, sales manager, human resources manager or an operations research analyst.

2. Computer Science


Computer science allows students to build human-computer interaction. Students majoring in computer science learn how to develop, test and debug software. A computer science degree opens a plethora of jobs opportunities across the world. The major involves translating commands into a language that the computer understands. The computer science field is in growth and in need of logical thinkers who still use their creativity to create astonishing products. Some jobs in this field may include being a web developer, network architect, information system manager, data analyst or a database administrator.

3. Forensic Science


Everyone has seen NCIS and Law and Order at some point in their lives. What’s shown on television may be a little dramatized, but there are still some thrilling things to do in forensics. Majoring in forensic science encourages students to study criminal justice and many areas of science. Forensic science can also serve as a great double major! Some universities offer different specializations within the major like biochemistry. Jobs in this field may include being an arson investigator, forensic toxicologist, polygraph examiner, forensic ballistic expert or even a forensic DNA analyst.

4. Anthropology


Anthropology majors study humans and their behavior. This field presents captivating questions on how human behaviors evolve. Anthropology majors get the opportunity to dive deeper into cultures from around the world. There are plenty of fieldwork opportunities and this is a great major for students who love to travel. There are five fields of anthropology: biological, cultural, linguistic, applied and archaeology. There is something for everybody in the anthropology major. The field is also in growth and looking for intuitive students who love to explore! Jobs in this field may include being an archaeologist, public health specialist, diversity officer or interpreter.

5. Political Science/Government


In the political science major, students study political behavior and government. This major has an array of job opportunities from politics to marketing research. Political science majors dedicate most of their studies to one or two sub-fields. Political activism in the United States is on the rise due to the increase of media and the rapid speed at which information spreads. Political science requires the student to use critical thinking to assist in their research and strengthen their communication skills. It is best that students who consider declaring political science as their major enjoy working with others and have a passion for getting involved in politics. Jobs in this field may include being a lawyer, policy analyst, social media manager, political consultant or a political campaign manager.

6. English


Majoring in English lets students strengthen their engagement with media and literature. Through the study of English, people gain a better understanding of the interpretation of their world and are able to display their perspective in text. Students typically find their voice in this major and writing becomes an intriguing adventure. English majors develop skills in the courses they take and enhance their writing. The English major prepares students for many professions after college. Jobs in this field may include being an editor, journalist, lawyer, librarian or English tutor.

7. Biology


The study of life is an exciting field with hundreds of specializations! From studying plants to humans, one is sure to find a specialization. Majoring in biology provides students with hands-on experience and many internships. Biology never fails to provide a challenging yet satisfying experience for college students. This major requires students to come up with questions, collect extensive data sets and produce their results. Everyone is surrounded by biology, and because of this, biology is an endless field of exploration. Careers in biology can include being a marine biologist, microbiologist, zoologist, food scientist or a conservation scientist.

8. Engineering


The engineering major is one of the most challenging majors. This major isn’t all about building; students also analyze and repair complex technology. Majoring in engineering requires math, problem-solving and communications skills. Without the efforts of engineers, some of the worlds best machines would not exist. Without advanced technology, plenty of today's daily functions would be interrupted or delayed due to time-consuming tasks. The engineering major provides students with hands-on experience and opportunities to create their innovations. Careers in engineering can include biomedical, civil, agricultural or even a mechanical engineer.

9. Communications


Communication majors explore the different impacts of verbal and nonverbal information. This major requires students to use their communication skills while analyzing the messages provided to the audience. Just like the other majors, communication prepares students for business, marketing and social work. Students who are thinking about this major must work well with others, have strong analytical skills and display their creative side. Communication careers can include marketing coordinator, content editor, communications director or a public relations manager.

10. Education


Majoring in education is not only for those who want to become teachers. Some people who hold an education degree are in business, law firms and nonprofits. The education major provides students an opportunity to join in the effort in educating tomorrow's leaders. Whether it is an administrator, counselor or intervention specialist, all of these professions impact the flow of the education system. Those who want to major in education must work well with others and have strong communication skills. The education field is ready for excited young adults to join! Careers in education can include a career counselor, teacher, principal or a curriculum instructional specialist.

Even though college majors may seem daunting, there is something for everybody. Each major presents specializations that allow students to gaze into jobs where they hold a keen interest. These majors have countless job opportunities that can help build experience before settling into a career. It is okay not to settle into a major right away, but students must take time to consider what would work best for them and their success.

Lead Image Credit: Unsplash