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Dec 15 2015
by Despina Douglas

Your Hall Mates as Christmas Carols

By Despina Douglas - Dec 15 2015

1. Jingle Bell Rock

We all have those hall mates that jingle around the clock, even when the clock reads three am. Whether they are chatting in the hall, blasting their music or slamming their door, they are always making some sort of noise. But hey, it’s part of the college experience right? Living within such close proximity to strangers is the best way to make friends. So instead of asking them to quiet down, you usually end up in the hall, chatting with them.


2. Classic Jingle Bells

It’s always nice to share a smile as you walk by someone, whether you are on your way home or on your way to class. There is always that one hall mate that you can count on to go dashing through the snow to say hello. They may even be in their room with their door cracked open a bit yet they always make an effort to say hi you as you walk by. No matter what kind of day you are having, their cheery greetings always make your spirits bright.


3. Deck the Halls

These hall-mates may not be able to deck the halls with boughs of holly but that won’t stop them from decking out their doors with a multitude of things throughout the year. From leaving surveys out on their white board for the residents to fill out as they walk by to wrapping their door with wrapping paper to celebrate the holidays, these hall-mates will do anything to keep their door from becoming naked. You will never win the grand prize in door decorating contests but it’s always exciting to see what they have in store.


4. Joy to the World

Joy to the world: you both picked to live on the same hall. This hall-mate is either always in your room or you are always in theirs. They are your newest best friend! It’s truly a (Christmas) miracle that you two ended up meeting. You are already picking out matching bed spreads and cute canvases for your room next year.

Meme Crunch

5. Silent Night

Do these hall-mates even exist? You either haven’t seen them since the first week of the school-year or, if you do see them, they quietly, and quickly, make their way to their room without acknowledging you. Every night is silent for them. It’s a win-win situation, though, because that means you’ll be able to go to sleep peacefully… or pull your all-nighter peacefully… oh holy … what a night. 

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Despina Douglas - Ohio University

Despina Douglas is a freshman at Ohio University. She is deciding between majoring in either early childhood education or journalism. She swam all throughout high school. She also enjoys photography and spending time with friends. Follow her on Instagram @sabrina548!

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