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Jun 01 2015
by Despina Douglas

How to Spend the Last Months Before College

By Despina Douglas - Jun 01 2015

As my graduation date grows closer and closer, the number of times people have told me “not to wish my senior year away” has sky-rocketed. Back in mid-January, I dismissed this piece of advice quite frequently by responding with the usual teenager response of “I’m so done.”

College excites everyone. So, like everyone else, I am counting down the days until my college move-in day. Yet I have come to realize that the people speaking these wise words aren’t referring to the educational aspect of high school when they offer such advice. They’re referring to my personal life.

I’ve lived in the same house for my entire life. One by one, my group of friends moved into the houses around mine and ever since the last girl moved in, we have done practically everything together. From midnight ice cream runs to mid-day dance parties, the six of us never failed to have a blast.

As the years have gone by, though, school-work, jobs and sports have begun to take precedence over spending time together. This is true of all friendships. Parents are right in teaching their children to prioritize homework above play. Nevertheless, as the summer rolls around, I’m beginning to put my friendships first. Of course I’m still focusing a bit of my attention on lifeguarding and swimming, just not as much as I have in the past.

This shift in priorities stems from the fact that, in a mere 80 days, I won’t be living next to people that have truly become my sisters. And that scares me. Obviously, I’ll be able to see them on breaks, but, for the majority of my life and from August on out, they won’t be there to have late night conversations about what might happen after the world ends. They won’t be there to geek out over dumb movies while scarfing down popcorn.

The worst part is I won’t be there for them either. I won’t be there when the boy one of them has fallen in love with decides not to love her back. I won’t be there when they need someone to eat the brownies they’ve slaved over baking. So while I am still at home, I think it’s important to be 100 percent there for them.

In the grand scheme of things, no one is going to remember the time I got a C on my math quiz. People are going to remember me by how I treated them. If I make my best friends feel like I’ve left them mentally before I’ve actually left them physically, then I’ve failed at something much more important than all of the math tests I’ve ever taken combined.

Move-in day, like graduation, will be here faster than I’m expecting it to be. So for now, instead of wishing my life away, I’m wishing for more hours in the day to kick back with people who make me laugh until I cry, love with all my heart and smile big and bright.

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Despina Douglas - Ohio University

Despina Douglas is a freshman at Ohio University. She is deciding between majoring in either early childhood education or journalism. She swam all throughout high school. She also enjoys photography and spending time with friends. Follow her on Instagram @sabrina548!

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