Calling all artists! Producers! Creators! Have you met Zachary Campos? 

Based in San Jose, California, Zachary Campos has been making videos since March 2017. However, his singing and acting career started long before, in high school. Landing multiple lead roles in plays, musicals and singing gigs (that's right, he's the real deal), Campos is constantly climbing the totem pole to success.

Zachary Ray as Conrad Birdie in Bye Bye Birdie via PHHS drama department

Since high school, his YouTube channel has showcased his most recent projects. His videos consist of acoustic covers of classic rock, jazz, pop and other genres of music. "I enjoy '70s rock and old soul; that is what my videos and music are inspired by. [I'm influenced by] musical legends [such as] Freddie Mercury, Johnny Cash, Billy Joel, Brendon Urie and Bill Withers," Campos told Fresh U.

Zachary Campos

Zach's solid theme of a black-and-white color scheme and a solid black backdrop is not the only thing that makes his videos special; what makes him stand out the most is his voice. Especially on live performances or screen, his voice has a special charm to it. It is abnormally deeper than that of average male singers, which explains why he sings at a baritone level.

Speaking of projects, he is also starting and singing in a band with his cousin. He just recently produced a song called "Fading Dreams." In this song, he puts his heart and soul into the instrumentals, lyrics and meaning. Take a listen on his Soundcloud.

Zach is a prime example of a college student trying to make it into the music world. He is currently attending West Valley Community College in Saratoga, but creates music and videos for fun outside of school.

When asked how he tries to differentiate himself from everyone else, he said, "I'm just trying to stand out, I'm not trying to be like everyone else, I'm just being myself and do my own thing. Like 'Death Of A Bachelor,' I could not hit the notes in the chorus so I just did it how I wanted to."

He has a message to other colleges students trying to pursue their passion: "Just keep being you. You don't have to conform to be with the times, what makes you unique is beautiful. You are you, and that is enough, and if your art or whatever your passion is what this world needs."

Lead Image Credit: Zachary Campos