Welcome fellow Spartans! One of the most renowned features that San Jose State University has is its diversity, and with diversity comes different types of food. Sure, the Dining Commons food will have what you need, but you'll have basically a worldwide experience with food just in your backyard here. In San Jose, you can go from authentic Mexican street tacos to the best Vietnamese pho there is — and that's only the start.

1. Downtown Poki

Denise Wayne

Out of all the poke bowl shops around San Jose, this one is honestly my favorite one. It is only a few minute walk from campus and super quick to get. The fish is always fresh and the toppings also enhance the bowl as well. The customer service is friendly and it is definitely worth the price.

2. La Victoria Taqueria

Denise Wayne

This taqueria is only a few minutes' walk from campus, so it is a popular go-to for SJSU students. They sell popular Mexican food including carne asada fries, street tacos, burritos and more! They also use a special "orange sauce" that is loved among customers, and it's super affordable.

3. Saigon Town: Pho 90, Bun Bo Hue An Nam, etc.

Denise Wayne

Saigon Town is on Story Road, and in the area, it is known as the road where "you can go to Mexico and Asia at the same time." This place is only a few miles away from campus, so you might need to take a car or bus down there. There is a ton of authentic Vietnamese food and dessert in the plaza as well, including Bun Bo Hue, Pho, Pandan waffles, everything! 

4. Johnny Rockets

Denise Wayne

Even though there are diverse types of food, there are still classic American burgers, shakes and fries. Johnny Rockets will satisfy your midnight cravings 100 percent. It is only a few minutes walk from campus, and still has that traditional '50s theme that follows the franchise.

5. HOM Korean Kitchen

Denise Wayne

Right in our backyard, HOM Korean Kitchen offers a lot of great authentic Korean dishes to treat your inner Koreaboo needs. They have kimchi, bibimbap, Korean steak, anything. It is definitely affordable and definitely worth the walk there — it is only a few minute walk from campus.

6. Milk Tea

Denise Wayne

Do not even get me started on milk tea in San Jose; there is literally one on every corner. It is highly addictive and super good. There are a whole lot of milk tea shops for your taste including Thirstea, Boba Bar and Gongcha — perfect for your boba needs! You can always satisfy your sweet tooth, and with only a small walk from campus too!

Reflecting on all that makes me so hungry right now, and not only that, but all of the food that is featured is only a small percentage of the wide range of food available for you at SJSU — it's great Instagram feed material, too. Trust me, you will have a great foodie experience here, young Spartan. 

Lead Image Credit: Denise Wayne