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Mar 18 2016
by Dayne Renee

8 Inspirational Short Films Made By College Students

By Dayne Renee - Mar 18 2016

Movies can really transport someone and make them think of life lessons when simply enjoying the image that is being created. This is highlighted in films, such as the Wizard of Oz, that teaches one about loyalty and friendship or even Click, that teaches one about living in the present. Also, many inspirational moments in movies last 30 minutes or less. Taking the smaller amount of time to really transport someone may seem impossible, but it's definitely not, at least for these 8 amazing college students produced films. 

1. Underneath Your Love

Director: Michelle Phan is the director and writer of Underneath Your Love. She attended Ringling College of Art and Design as she produced this short film.

Description: Based upon the classic love story of Cinderella, Michelle Phan is able to transport her audience to a modern world filled with love and trust. Michelle is the modern Cinderella whose insecurities get the best of her. As Michelle Phan, describes, "they are her evil step sisters". Though, while learning to fall in love with Leon, her modern Prince Charming, she is also able to learn to fall in love with herself. She is able to open her heart to experience the beauty of life and love.

2. Crescent

Cast and Crew: Students at the University of South Wales

Description: Ahmed who is young Muslim man is lured into a terrorist group by the name of Jihad. Ahmed leaves the terrorist group after coming to his senses, but is shortly arrested for attempted terrorism. When he does return to his “normal” life, both Ahmed and his mother struggle adjusting to the consequences of Ahmed’s actions. During his struggle to gain by respect, his old mentor asks to meet with him. There he tries to convince Ahmed to start back up with what he never finished. Ahmed doesn't agree to, showing his true colors in the end by preserving past peer pressure. 

3. Wasted Trust

Cast and Crew: Students at the University of South Wales

Description: Daniel is involved in a terrible hit and run accident. Due to his actions, he begins to isolate himself from his loved ones. After the accident, Daniel is to meet the victim's brother. That is finally when Daniel comes to truth to what he has done. The truth is a very scary thing, but it can most definitely set you free.

4. Chase

Director: Stephanie Deaver is the director and writer of Chase. She attended Northern Kentucky University as she produced this short film.

Description: Don't always judge a book by its cover, or rather a person by its looks. A young college student is targeted by another more devious college student. As the devious college student follows the other around, the young college student begins to get the anxious feeling that she is followed. Rather than harming the young college student, the devious college student is there to help save her life.

5. The Most Beautiful Thing

Director: Cameron Covell is the director and writer of The Most Beautiful Thing. He attended University of Southern California as he produced this short film.

Description: The main character is a rather shy guy who faces rejection from his peers. He grows very tired of the same monotonous routine of being let down by people, including his family and peers. With prom just around the corner, the main character tries to gain up the nerve to ask a beautiful girl to prom, but quickly learns she is deaf. They form their own way of communicating through notes. An unlikely relationship turns the main character's outlook on life into a more of a positive, accepting and understanding spin.

6. The Desk 

Director: Albert Gonzalez is the director and writer of The Desk. He attended The Art Institute of Houston as he produced this short film.

Description: Peter, an unlikely new kid joins a class where he sits in the back corner. A girl in the class quickly catches his eye. He begins to write on the desk in the class hoping to catch her eye. But by his surprise, he begins communicating with an surprising friend. Using the desk for communication, his days seem to be a little brighter in his new school. Unfortunately, the class is moved leaving him unable to talk through the desk. Unlikely friendships are always waiting to happen, you just have to let them in.

7. Awake

Cast and Crew: Students at Simon Fraser University. 

Description: A young boy is tired of the monotonous routine of waking up and going about his day alone. He is a part of a world where everyone has left or disappeared. Left to entertain himself, he is unsure on how to continue on, until he is greeted by these blurry silhouettes that suddenly seem to disappear. After a few times of seeing the blurry image, he finds out the real meaning behind moving on.


Cast and Crew: Students at Newport Film School

Description: The main character goes on through her day until she is suddenly given a red lunch box. When she decides to open the box, the word “UPGRADE?” is spelled out for her. Unsure on what to do, she drops a pen into the box, closes it and opens it again. When she opens it again she is given a calculator. She continues to use to box with items she once cared about and is returned with technology and money. This follows the huge question whether or not people are willing to risk losing what they cherish in order to have the next big thing.

Lead Image Credit: Erwin Verbruggen via Wikimedia Common

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Dayne Renee - Salve Regina University

Dayne Renee is currently a freshman at Salve Regina University where she studies Social Work and Creative Writing. She enjoys late night strolls, lists, and dreamcatchers. You can follow her on twitter @wearedaynish or instagram @sunflowersanddaynishes

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