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Feb 17 2016
by Dayne Renee

10 Haikus That Summarize the College Experience

By Dayne Renee - Feb 17 2016

Being in college is fun, dramatic and awkward at parts. Yet each and every experience you have is worth it in the end. These are the moments you will look back on laughing when you are older. Here are some haikus that summarize the amazing college experience. 

1. Friendship

2. Partying

3. Hook-ups

4. Pizza

5. Studying

6. Roommates

7. Room Decor

8. Missing your pets

9. Debt

10. Majors

Lead Image Credit: Tumblr

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Dayne Renee - Salve Regina University

Dayne Renee is currently a freshman at Salve Regina University where she studies Social Work and Creative Writing. She enjoys late night strolls, lists, and dreamcatchers. You can follow her on twitter @wearedaynish or instagram @sunflowersanddaynishes

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