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Jan 26 2016
by Dayne Renee

8 Things You Shouldn't Say to High School Sweethearts Who Go to the Same College

By Dayne Renee - Jan 26 2016

1. “If my boyfriend went here, I would never hang out with him.”

This was the first comment I heard while walking to class with my boyfriend. I found this comment funny; most relationships are productive when you DO hang out with your significant other. 

2. “What happens if you guys break up?”


Most people who have guts will in fact ask me this question. Thankfully for me, though, I have already analyzed what would happen if we broke up. Therefore, I need them to stop being such a downer. 

3. “I could never do that.”

These words don’t get under my skin like the meaning behind them does. For me, they mean that since I have only been with one person it makes me “abnormal.” Quite frankly, I am proud of not being someone who sleeps around in college. Or even dealing with the drama of getting to know someone.

4. “Aren’t you afraid of missing out?”

To that I respond with, ”missing out on what?” I do not have to deal with meaningless sex or discovering myself with other people. I'm happy to say I’ve discovered myself more with my boyfriend than with any other guy I dated before I met him.

5. “I don’t know how you guys to don’t get sick of each other.”

Maybe it is due to the fact that we are not only boyfriend/ girlfriend, but also best friends. Maybe it is due to the fact that we are learning to balance our time. And maybe it’s due to the fact that I love the time we share together.

6. “Do you guys ever fight?” 


Just because we survived the whole high school dating thing does not make us any less normal than other relationships. Of course we fight. But the key to our success is making up after the fight.

7. “How do you like being with one person?”

I enjoy it, thank you. He makes me feel insanely happy no matter what. Sorry I don’t have to experiment to know what I want. I have already found it.

8. “I guess I am just too independent to date for that long.”


The thing I find funny about this comment is that not being in a relationship doesn’t make you independent. Loving yourself and staying strong through the hard times makes you independent. And in that case we are both independent.

Honestly I have loved every second of dating my boyfriend in college. Despite what others believe, I am still a strong independent woman who just happens to like to share my happiness with someone who loves her.

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Dayne Renee - Salve Regina University

Dayne Renee is currently a freshman at Salve Regina University where she studies Social Work and Creative Writing. She enjoys late night strolls, lists, and dreamcatchers. You can follow her on twitter @wearedaynish or instagram @sunflowersanddaynishes

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